Zelensky Will Have To Commit Political Murder - Bobyrenko (Gazeta.ua)

13 February 2021

Volodymyr Zelensky is ready to run not the first in the second round of the presidential election, if his rival there will be Yuriy Boyko. In the President’s Office, they can tactically “murder” competitors who are able to bypass the current head of state. Political murder is possible through the media, says political scientist Viktor Bobyrenko to Gazeta.ua.

How can we assess the latest results of opinion polls on the presidential sympathies of Ukrainians?

Sociology has already become an instrument of politics. It forms an opinion.

Most people, disappointed in Zelensky, look around: who’s the next? Our naive electorate will choose the one who will be offered. These technologies are based on the fact that people will want to choose a new messiah. Zelensky did not succeed, but someone must come and save the country. They think that they did not guess the previous times, but now they will guess.

Zelensky Will Have To Commit Political Murder