Ze-Team’s Political Attack on the Right Side and a Fateful Visit to the United States: Expert Forecast for August (Telegraph)

02 August 2021

Viktor Bobyrenko, an expert of the Bureau of Policy Analysis, told the Telegraph about the August political events and what to expect from them.

In the first half of August there will be a political freeze, but the second will be quite active and interesting, says Viktor Bobyrenko. We are waiting for the celebration of Independence Day: with pomp, with fireworks, with a lot of loud speeches and events. They will try to make President Zelensky the main character given that he has become a little right-follower. There seems to be an attempt to split the veterans’ movement. Some part of the veterans will be, so to speak, in line with Poroshenko, and some - with Zelensky. So to say a political attack of the Ze-team on the right side. Will Poroshenko and his European Solidarity, Svoboda no longer have a monopoly on owning the ‘patriot’ brand? It will be taken by Zelensky.

The analyst considers the probable visit of the President of Ukraine to Washington to be another very important event in August.

This is the main geopolitical event of the month for us. Either we remain in the direction of the West, or, as threatened by the Ze-team, we return to the East, to China. Arestovych has already voiced a very ambiguous position that if the collective West does not want to accept us, we are going to China, Viktor Bobyrenko reminds.

He does not expect sharp movements in domestic policy, but predicts the continuation of the work of the controlled law enforcement agencies on Bankova and special services on the ‘former’, the search for compromising information on predecessors.

The Former Deputy Minister of Defense Palovskyi, former Judge Chaus have already been in the manipulation scheme. The goal is to find negative information on the same Poroshenko. To drop an information bomb in October-November, diverting public attention from future tariff increases and shock payments. Medvedchuk has already been finished; it is not so interesting for the people to follow this process. We need someone new, also top. It seems that Zelensky does not want to press Kolomoisky. So they are looking for any opportunity on Bankova to break someone in order to testify against Poroshenko, - Viktor Bobyrenko considers. - In August, most likely, they’ll begin preparing to ‘shot’ closer to a heating season. For the purpose to urgently divert our surprise-indignation from tariffs to something else.

Source: Telegraph