Why Is the Voice Party Disintegrating? - Bobyrenko (Gazeta.ua)

30 July 2021

Viktor Bobyrenko, an expert of the Bureau of Policy Analysis, commented to Gazeta.ua on the future of the Voice Party: Only leadership parties will remain in parliament.

The disintegration of the party began with the resignation of Sviatoslav Vakarchuk. He was a cementing link. At that time no one claimed the role of leader. The current situation is a failure. The Voice will no longer become a parliamentary faction. It will leave the political scene in two years.  This situation will prove once again that voters are fed up with young faces, says the political scientist.

A group of those who wanted to build a non-authoritarian party came out of the Voice, says Bobyrenko. Now they will start building leadership. This is a problem of all Ukrainian parties. The Voice party was also brought together by the leader - Sviatoslav Vakarchuk. They tried to make a democratic party under liberal values. But it did not work. It could be a good experiment. And now there will be only leadership parties, emphasizes the political scientist.

He adds: The deputies who are leaving now wanted to form with many leadership units. And it can only be under ideology. We have supporters of liberalism, there are not many of them, but the electorate is well-turned.

Now the Voice’s ex-members will start looking for themselves in other political projects, Bobyrenko says. He adds: Or they will try to create their own. But it will be doomed from the beginning. We need recognition - most of our voters do not know the deputies. We also need a media platform.

Source: Gazeta.ua