Victor Bobyrenko on the Protest of Journalists, the Fate of Blocked TV Channels and Sanctions against People’s Deputies (Espreso)

10 February 2021

▪ Journalists of blocked TV channels protested.

▪ Where will Medvedchuk’s pool be broadcasted now?

▪ Danilov announced new sanctions against people’s deputies. Who’s next?

▪ Will criminal proceedings be opened against deputies of OPZZh?

▪ The Supreme Court will decide the fate of TV channels related to Medvedchuk.

▪ Rabinovych’s statements about the constant shelling in Donbas.

Guests of the program: Sofiia Fedyna - People’s Deputy of Ukraine, European Solidarity Faction, Taras Khavunka - Lawyer, Head of the Lviv Regulatory Hub, Andrii Mahera - Lawyer, Ex-Deputy CEC Chairman and Viktor Bobyrenko - Political Scientist, Head of the Expert Group of the Bureau of Policy Analysis.