The Oligarchs and the Opposition Bloc Run Shmyhal’s Government. They’ll Blame Everything on the Cabinet of Ministers, - Bobyrenko (Espreso)

05 March 2021

Expert of the NGO Bureau of Policy Analysis, political scientist Viktor Bobyrenko in the program “Zmistovno” with Khrystyna Yatskiv on the Espreso TVChannel commented:

Oligarchs Akhmetov, Kolomoisky and other influence groups, as well as the Opposition Bloc, run Denys Shmyhal’s government. The Cabinet is headed by oligarchs and the President’s Office, and if President Volodymyr Zelensky’s rating falls, he will be blamed in everything. Shmyhal’s government is a team of people led by the President’s Office, Akhmetov’s office, Kolomoisky’s office, and the offices of other influence groups. They’ll blame government in case President Zelensky’s rating falls.