The bill “on oligarchs” may not pass in parliament - Bobyrenko (

09 June 2021

Viktor Bobyrenko, an expert of the Bureau of Policy Analysis, explained in a comment to that the bill “on oligarchs” may not pass in parliament for a number of reasons.

“This bill may lose way in broad daylight for technical reasons. Terminology, because it is very conditional. How to calculate the oligarchs, who are the oligarchs - it is written very vaguely. The second point - the Verkhovna Rada has a group of Akhmetov’s deputies, a group of Kolomoisky’s deputies, etc. in the ranks of Servants of the People”. And these people’s deputies may not vote for this bill. That is, their forces in the majority will not be enough, the expert notes.

Viktor Bobyrenko emphasizes that under Zelensky, and in many respects by his behest, many major, but, as a matter of fact, empty laws which do not work are accepted.

“As the law on limiting immunity from people’s deputies. And what, is someone imprisoned? And isn’t there any to be imprisoned and aren’t there reasons for imprisonment? Or the law on impeachment to the president. And what? Try to pass it ... That is, we have formally accepted, but not working laws. And here what a lucky day - the law on democracy, on a referendum. And while Yulia Tymoshenko runs with the plans to hold a referendum on land, Zelensky and Co. can hold their own, about oligarchs. And it will weigh in Zelensky’s favor. His electorate will say: “Look, the guy thinks about us, he really wants to fight the oligarchs.” In fact, the marker of such a struggle is Kolomoisky’s imprisonment, said Viktor Bobyrenko. He is being caught up in the United States for $ 5 billion stolen from us. Volodymyr Zelensky, Kolomoisky must go to jail!

And with such approaches as now, a referendum can be, even a law can be based on its results. But the oligarchs will not go anywhere. And they definitely won’t be in the jail, the expert is sure. According to Viktor Bobyrenko, this will become possible only when our laws, the Antimonopoly Committee, law enforcement agencies, and the judiciary actually work. Not on themselves, not on the same oligarchs, but on the state and the people.