The Best Referendum Would Be the One That Would Raise the Issue of Banning OPZZH - Bobyrenko (Espreso)

10 February 2021

Viktor Bobyrenko, a political scientist and head of the expert group of the Bureau of Policy Analysis, believes that the OPZH should suffer the same fate as the Communist Party in Ukraine.

He voiced this opinion on the air of the “Holovne” (Main) Program of the Espreso TV Channel.

If Zelensky crossed the Rubicon and it happened the way that he abruptly became right, it would be good for him to go further, to work to make people from OPZZh lose their peace.

“The best referendum would be to raise the issue of banning the OPZZH as a party after the communist one, and for them to get lost somewhere in the middle of nowhere or the Moscow Ring Road,” the political expert joked.

“If Zelensky goes further and the National Security and Defense Council makes some decisions, it will be possible to impose local sanctions without waiting for United States sanctions against specific deputies and to initiate criminal cases against them.

I do not consider the OPZZH a political party in the classical sense. This is a typical fifth column of the Kremlin and should be fought as collaborators, separatists and aides to terrorism. Accordingly, the consequences for them should be the same as for the Communist Party,” Viktor Bobyrenko summed up.