Sanctions against Kozak - Point of No Return for Zelensky - Bobyrenko Says (

04 February 2021

Sanctions against Taras Kozak, an ally of Medvedchuk, whose child’s godfather is Russian President, are caused by a number of factors. In particular, the fall in the rating, a signal from the new US administration and a change in the personal views of the president. He begins to finally reorient to the West.

Political scientist Viktor Bobyrenko spoke about this in an interview with

 - Why did Volodymyr Zelensky just now impose sanctions against his ally Viktor Medvedchuk and the nominal owner of the pro-Russian channels ZIK, NewsOne and 112 Ukraine Taras Kozak?

 - Legally, the National Security and Defense Council really has the power to impose sanctions on citizens. Therefore, this step is within its competence. After all, the decision was made by the National Security and Defense Council, albeit on the initiative of the President.

The second point is that a similar decision was made in the parliament of the previous convocation. So a few years ago, there were already attempts to close down Medvedchuk-Kozak’s pro-Russian TV channels. Why the case was not brought to an end then - it is worth asking the previous president Petro Poroshenko. Obviously, someone agreed with someone.

Today, Zelensky’s decision was influenced by many interest groups. The president’s team offered to take this step even earlier. It seemed advantageous given the increase in the number of supporters of OPZZh. But now an external factor has been added to these tips. The Minister for Foreign Affairs of Ukraine Dmytro Kuleba had a personal conversation with the newly appointed US Secretary of State Antony Blinken. During this meeting, a state support from the United States was firmly promised. In particular, it was about providing lethal weapons. The G7 countries also made a joint statement on the problem of corruption in Ukraine. Zelensky was forced to resonate with these things.

Sanctions against Kozak - Point of No Return for Zelensky