Russian Representatives Made a Gift to Themselves on February 23, - Bobyrenko about Sternenko’s sentence (Channel 5)

23 February 2021

Pro-Russian forces sentenced Serhii Sternenko as a gift for the Soviet holiday on February 23, but Ukrainian youth will still follow his example, not Yanukovych’s Deputy Chairman Andrii Portnov or Donetsk judge and Lenin and Stalin supporter Viktor Poprevych, who handed down the verdict in the activist’s case. The expert of the NGO Bureau of Policy Analysis, political scientist Viktor Bobyrenko said this in the H Hour Program on Channel 5.

“Thus, Russian representatives made a gift to themselves on February 23. Maybe it’s a gift for them, and for us it’s another confirmation of the threat from abroad. This shows us once again that we cannot have any common celebrations. I have respect for those who have served, including in the Red Army. I myself once served in the Baltic Fleet, but for me it is by no means a holiday, because it is a holiday for the Portnovs and the judge who convicted Sternenko today,” he said.

Details: Channel 5