Angry Narcissus

12 November 2021
Angry Narcissus

Zelensky (hinting at the media close to Poroshenko and Akhmetov):

- They turn their media into artillery against the state and competitors. It seems to me that this is an unwise policy.

Yeah, and what he’s been doing since 2006, throwing mud at all of Kolomoisky’s rivals, was a wise policy.

When 12 out of the 15 all-Ukrainian news channels plus networks mocked Poroshenko in 2015, it was a sensible policy.

Boomerangs are back. One more. Zelensky identifies himself with the state. If the president is criticized, it is artillery against the STATE. Just like Louis XIV: the state is me.

Zelensky is ignorant and does not know another well-known saying:

- It is not necessary to transfer love for the Motherland to its government.