A Court Fixer of Kolomoisky in the Kyiv District Administrative Court Filed a Lawsuit against the NBU in Miami - Bobyrenko (Apostrof)

01 July 2021

Mykola Kovzel, who controlled Ukrzaliznytsia and the Kyiv District Administrative Court until 2010, is suing the National Bank of Ukraine in Miami in the interests of Igor Kolomoisky, Apostrophe reports, citing an investigation by the Bureau of Policy Analysis and expert opinion.

According to the bureau’s expert Viktor Bobyrenko, $ 130 million of Kovzel was in Brokbusinessbank. The owner of the bank was Serhii Kurchenko, and he laundered money with Kolomoisky through foreign branches of Privatbank.

However, Kovzel’s lawsuit was not against these people, but against the National Bank of Ukraine. The NBU allegedly did not monitor the transactions and allowed the money to disappear... Another member of the so-called family Serhii Arbuzov headed the National Bank. But Kovzel wants to get money from taxpayers, and along the way discredit the NBU leadership of Poroshenko’s time, because they found a hole in Privat. However, if you dig deeper into the history of relations between Kovzel and Kolomoisky, you can easily see that this lawsuit was filed in agreement with Igor Kolomoisky and in his interests, emphasizes the political scientist.

He is sure that Kovzel got his money back in 2014 as a result of agreements with Kurchenko.

In 2014, the Commercial Court of Kyiv attached Kurchenko’s assets at the suit of Intertransgroup, which tried to collect 1.23 billion in debt from Brokbusinessbank. A year later, the court removed the attachment of Kurchenko’s assets. The reason for removing the attachment was that Intertrans no longer applied in court, which indicates that Kovzel and Kurchenko agreed and quietly closed the case. There are also traces of the exchange of assets: in 2014 Kovzel managed to put his man Borys Ostapiuk in Ukrzaliznytsia. In the summer, when there had already been a war in Donbass, the latter by his decisions not only did not withdraw valuable property, but on the contrary agreed the supply of 30 thousand tons of diesel fuel to the Donetsk railway. Kurchenko became the real controller of assets in Donbass, - the political scientist explains.

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