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Why Are Resignations in the Cabinet of Ministers Continuing?

Since March last year, 13 members of the Cabinet have changed in the government.

“The head of state begins to threaten those who think differently than him,” - Viktor Bobyrenko (Espreso)

Viktor Bobyrenko on the Expreso Channel in Outcomes with Anna Valevska gave an expert opinion…

The Public School Budget Has Been Discussed

Maksym Korniienko in the program of Fonar Maiorov “In a Point of Fact” (“Po Suti”)…

“Razumkov begins to gather deputies around him”, - Viktor Bobyrenko (Comments.ua)

“Razumkov has started an inter-factional union for a reason and he can even be hit…

Viktor Bobyrenko About Why The Previous Minister Andrii Taran Left And What Will Zelensky Get Out Of That? (Focus)

Reznikov’s candidacy was presented personally by President Volodymyr Zelensky; this appointment is his quota.

Is There Really a Pressure on Journalists from the President’s Office? (Comments.ua)

Viktor Bobyrenko gave an expert assessment of the pressure of the President’s Office on journalists…

Zelensky Expels All Objectors, Therefore He Removed Razumkov, - Bobyrenko (Espreso)

Viktor Bobyrenko, an expert with the Bureau of Policy Analysis, commented on Razumkov’s resignation on…

The Beginning of the Heating Season: What to Expect for Ukrainians (Espreso)

The rating of the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky vs prices on gas and tariffs,…

Talk about the Ukraine-EU summit on the air of Zmistovno (Menaningfully) with Khrystyna Yatskiv

BAP analyst Viktor Bobyrenko shared his views on the results of the Ukraine-EU summit on…

Kolomoisky Withdrew One Billion Hryvnias through Zelensky’s Companies (Gazeta.ua)

Volodymyr Zelensky and his entourage were able to take part in the money laundering of…