The NGO BPA Starts Their Cooperation with YouControl

25 February 2021

The NGO Bureau of Policy Analysis signed a memorandum of cooperation with the analytical system YouControl.

The document stipulates that the NGO BPA and YouControl will begin official cooperation, whereby joint efforts will be made to develop civil society, ensure transparency of doing business in Ukraine, promote the efficiency of the legal sector and the field of information technology.

We are pleased to start cooperating with YouControl, and we hope that together we will achieve this goal.

It should be reminded that

YouControl is an analytical system based on open data, which forms a complete dossier for each company in Ukraine from more than 100 sources, tracks changes and visualizes connections. It provides information on EU, UK and Russian companies. The unique YouControl technology allows you to get up-to-date information about a company, individual entrepreneur or individual in a minute.