Viktor Bobyrenko: The Largest Grant Eater In Ukraine Is The State.

Bobyrenko Viktor

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19 December 2021
Viktor Bobyrenko: The Largest Grant Eater In Ukraine Is The State.

I am studying the Law of Ukraine “On the State Budget”.

In our country, we have specially trained people talking about Soros’s followers, grant eaters, and all sorts of people, who sell the motherland to Americans.

Well, all sort of this is shown on channels with Russian narratives. Where they talk about external management. To these people, Russian rule would be native, like at home. And those who are against “serve the Americans”. These are the institutions of civil society. And independent media, which are few in amount. For example, the same Suspilne (Public).

Grant eaters, in short. And now for the record. The largest grant eater in Ukraine is the state.

The budget for 2022 provides grant funds in the amount of 661,652 thousand hryvnias. More than 661 million hryvnias. These are already existing grants. And it looks like they’ll come up with new ones. A grant is a non-repayable financial aid. It is not necessary to give back. Plus, there’re more than 25.5 billion hryvnias of  loans (usually interest-free, or 3%).

How do you like that? And who is the grant eater now?

Advise everyone to listen less to Portnov and Muraev. Well, to all others like Palchevskyi and Rabinovych too.

And including Zelensky.