The Muscovites increased pressure on Europe from various sides.

Bukin Andriy

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10 October 2021
The Muscovites increased pressure on Europe from various sides.
To do this, they use satellites even among EU countries. Let’s look at international events from a broad perspective and try to understand what Moscow’s special services have been doing lately.

The mass activation movement, both in Ukraine and in European countries, is supported by the special services of the Russian Federation; this news will not surprise anyone. But unfortunately there are many people who can not critically perceive the information and therefore blindly believe in the myths that disperse the Moscow agent networks. Unfortunately, this is typical not only for our countries, but also for all countries that were members of the socialist camp and are now members of the EU. This work reduces the collective immunity of society by times, as a result, people get sick more, and mortality increases. Moscow’s logic is very simple; it lies in the paradigm of two factors:

  • To shatter public confidence in the government and create huge waves of disease that national health services will not be able to cope with;
  • The less we are in number, the easier it is to overcome us.

Economic pressure on Europe and rising gas prices are one of the economic factors Moscow is using to put pressure on European countries. They are successfully manipulating prices, realizing that Europe will be forced to make concessions on the eve of winter. Especially since Nord Stream 2 has already been completed, and recent events show that no country in the world will be able to force the Muscovites not to stop supplying fuel in transit through Ukraine. I would like to remind you that this fact alone will deprive the country’s budget of several billion.

Mass attack of migrants on European countries.

The goal is simple - to send as many Kurds as possible to European countries to organize mass riots and impose curfews in large cities. To force the countries of Poland and Lithuania to allocate additional resources to the power bloc that weakens other sectors of the country. As a result, show the brutal face of Europeans who declare “human rights” as the highest value, and themselves are criminals with migrants fleeing the war.

The complex of hybrid measures currently unfolding on the borders of Belarus, Poland and Lithuania can be called an act of aggression, which will sooner or later turn into a direct armed conflict. This is exactly what Moscow is waiting for to provoke an armed conflict.

The hybrid war against the EU continues in the middle of Europe itself. The conflict is gaining momentum in the Balkans. The unhealed wound of the Balkan war may break out again with another conflict. Since then, Milorad Dodik, one of the most famous politicians, has been actively cultivating the separatist movement in the Balkans. Well, of course, he is passionately supported by Muscovia. In addition to friendly relations and Dodik’s recognition of the annexation of Crimea, Moscow supports them at UN Security Council meetings, blocking strategic decisions and imposing sanctions. The rhetoric of the Serbian politician became much sharper; and calls for the secession of the Republic of Serbia have been expressed. The peace treaty signed in the 1990s did not solve the problem after the war - it only physically sewed the Balkan country together, and peacekeepers ensured law enforcement and security in the area. But like any frozen conflict, it can quickly turn into a powder keg that will break out in a new war.

With a whole range of hybrid measures used by special services to destabilize the situation in European countries, it can be assumed that Moscow is preparing for an offensive. Time will tell where and when this offensive will take place. But the fact that the KGB is preparing various levers of influence on European countries is a fait accompli.

We clean weapons and keep calm

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