The government has reduced the electricity tariff for Ukrainians

Kornienko Maksym

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13 August 2021
The government has reduced the electricity tariff for Ukrainians

Ze! Government, with the personal assistance of the President, is reducing the electricity tariff for the population to UAH 1.44. Hooray!

This is a preferential consumption rate.

Everyone is happy and drinking champagne ... Because they have already forgotten that as of April 21, 2019, when they were putting an end to the era of poverty-lies, the preferential price was UAH 0.90. (if the consumption is more than 100 kWh per month at an average level of 150 kW - about UAH 1.30)

Recently, also exclusively due to personal Ze-initiative, gas prices for the population were frozen at the level of UAH 9.53 (7.99 gas +1.54 delivery)  Should we rejoice?

Remember the sacred date 04/21/2019? Hysterical rumors about “skinning people” and “halving tariffs”? What was the price there? Don’t you remember? Let me remind you: UAH 8.50.

Buy a goat - sell a goat ... Raise, then lower ... Good attempts at manipulation, but nope!

What I want to say? Prices are rising. This is neither bad nor good. That is a fact. Moreover, the current tariffs are not market and in fact they should be higher. There should be no different prices for industry and for the population. You will still pay the difference, just in another way...  

Understand this and spit in the eyes of those who will go to the elections next time with slogans about tariff reductions.  Bringing manipulators and liars to power and then calling them liars and manipulators is not the choice of wise people. Right? #Understand?