The energy crisis provoked by Russia is gaining momentum

Medunytsya Oleg

Expert on budget and decentralization. Member of the Verkhovna Rada Committee on Budget of the 7th-8th convocations. He participated in the development and implementation of budget reform, administrative-territorial reform and…


27 October 2021
The energy crisis provoked by Russia is gaining momentum
The whole nations and states have already been suffering from it. At the same time, others are shamelessly profiting from the energy crisis and using energy as a weapon against their opponents. The European subcontinent is at the center of the action. After all, energy shortages and the unmet need for additional natural gas resources may persist here for several more years.

Ukraine is at the epicenter of the crisis. What measures does our state need to take now? How do we survive this with minimal losses and how may we possibly leave this collapse stronger?

There is an urgent need to adopt a state strategy for the transition to alternative fuels. And to provide for this in the budget bill for next year.

Local state administrations should summarize offers from communities to convert boiler houses to biofuel. Experience and staff to solve the problem are available. The government must mobilize resources. The main goal is to consume as little natural gas as possible as fuel. Kindling wood, firewood, energy peat and other renewable bioenergy sources are available in sufficient quantities.

Rents for timber felling should also be raised and, perhaps, a temporary export duty on energy bio-raw materials and products of its processing (pellets, briquettes) should be introduced.

We have to set a task for state forestries to increase the volume of timber harvesting for energy needs. Not by increasing the main fellings, but, first of all, to force the removal of dry and fallen trees from the forest.

At the same time, to actively implement energy saving programs. Insulation of buildings, insulation of networks and rational use of heat.

Regarding gas. It is necessary to introduce a state of emergency in the country and to save this currently valuable and, in fact, already strategic resource.

At the same time it is necessary to adopt a program of rapid increase in gas production. Public capital expenditures should be redistributed to production. And this should be a priority for the next two or three years.

It is necessary to develop nuclear energy and build small hydropower plants where appropriate. It is also necessary to limit the effect of “green tariffs” and bring them to the level of weighted average.

It is time for Zelensky’s authorities to stop playing a PR game called “Big Construction” and to concentrate state resources on solving the problem of a new energy challenge that could cost a bundle to Ukraine and Ukrainians.