The court of the state of Delaware (USA) rejected the petition of the former owners of PrivatBank I. Kolomoisky and G. Bogolyubov

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26 August 2021
The court of the state of Delaware (USA) rejected the petition of the former owners of PrivatBank I. Kolomoisky and G. Bogolyubov

Good News 

I am always happy when Kolomoisky is badly written from home. 
In the State of Delaware, the Chancellor’s Court rejected the petition of Igor Kolomoisky, Hennadii Bogolyubov and others to terminate the proceedings on the claim of PrivatBank. 
Defendants (Kolomoisky’s boys) stated that the case had to be allegedly considered by the courts of Ukraine. 
Understand, right? 

Igor Kolomoisky tried to prove to the American justice that he has to sue for the stolen money in the Ukrainian courts. 
Like: guys, what’s that got to do with you? Some District Administrative Court of Kyiv will understand it better. Home-style. Because Ukrainian justice is impartial. And it is impossible to buy a judge like Vovk. 
Igor Kolomoisky simply acts in the author’s style. 

But nope! Thank God, Themis in the US is adequate. And the American court will continue consideration of the case on the civil claim of PrivatBank for recovery of damages caused by Kolomoisky/Bogolyubov before its nationalization in December 2016. 

Moreover, the court granted PrivatBank’s request and issued a verdict on the preservation of assets (status quo order), which imposed a ban on any activities outside the ordinary course of business with various assets of Kolomoisky’s boys in the United States. 

This verdict is “a guarantee that the Plaintiff will be properly secured by claims in excess of $ 600 million, which he seeks to recover in these proceedings”. 
So that these corrupt people do not come with their dirty hands and spend money that may return to Ukraine in the future. 
However, at the same time the court granted the request of the defendants (Kolomoisky) and suspended the proceedings in a separate part until the related lawsuits in Ukraine are resolved essentially. 
And everything can last in Ukraine for a long, long time.  
And this is sadness. 

Is it possible that Joe Biden will make the acceleration by slapping the Greatest on the shoulder on August 31 and saying? 
- Volodia, isn’t it time for you to hand the old Kolomoisky grunt on his teeth in Ukraine. 

Because still skeptics in FB make a big deal out of the fact that Igor Kolomoisky has you for a small putz and catch you flinching at a meeting. 
Be a man; show him with what you played on the piano. 
And maybe then something will work out. 

I will add from myself: 
Vova, if you bring Kolomoisky’s cash home, how much fame and rating will it add? 
Plus how much can you spend on big construction? 
What glorious kickbacks can fall? Wow. 

Saw kettlebells, Vova.