Money, Influence & Two Courts

Bobyrenko Viktor

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17 February 2022

The Ukrainian political season of 2022 has begun too dynamically. Putin directly threatens to invade. Poroshenko could not be imprisoned. The majority turned out to be absolute rough characters. The chair under Zelensky is swaying more and more. Having some nerves, he even shuffled the Americans. However, they steadily supply us with weapons, turning a blind eye to the fact that the Ukrainian authorities have been ignoring calls for a year to impose sanctions on Kolomoisky and his myrmidons. Let me remind you that the latter organized information sabotage personally against Biden in the Burisma’s case. The lack of punishment against these guys was clearly pointed out at the Biden-Zelensky meeting. No one is forgotten, nothing is forgotten. And this year will be crucial not only for Zelensky.

Western justice awaits the main beneficiary of the “green” regime in March. The High Court of London will hear a lawsuit filed by the state-owned Privatbank against Kolomoisky and Bogolyubov. Some facts…

In December 2016, Privatbank was nationalized. The international detective agency Kroll conducted an audit and found that Privatbank was the object of large-scale and coordinated fraud before the nationalization, which resulted in losses of at least $ 5.5 billion.

In simple terms, the very clever Igor Kolomoisky organized a bank, where all Ukrainians kept their money, and he used it to give loans to his offices. And he had given loans for almost 5 billion… dollars. Among them, by the way, 40 million went to Kvartal’s offshores of Zelensky.

Then, the state-owned Privat Bank filed a lawsuit in a London court with a claim for damages.

During this time, Kolomoisky managed to become a participant in criminal cases in the United States, get property seizure and fall under US sanctions.

And it all comes down to the fact that Igor Kolomoisky will become a mere mortal after the decision of the London court. Because 5 billion is a lot even for him.

And having lost money, he will no longer be able to sell his influence. Or even will be imprisoned… For a long time.

But it’s there ... across the oceans. And here as in the mirror-world. The SBU, NABU or the National Security and Defense Council are not interested in him. Why so? Let’s think… It so happened that the Ukrainian president found himself in a similar situation.

Continuous failures, scandals, and crises of public administration have been destroying his rating month by month.

And people are no more fascinated with his traditional shows. Hence, we have:

An oligarch with a powerful media empire but serious problems with the law. And the president with a deep image crisis, but with the influence on the law enforcement system.

And nothing unites like a common enemy.

Today, Petro Poroshenko is Zelensky’s main competitor. And Kolomoisky’s blood enemy.

Poroshenko is an oligarch. He has a high anti-rating, but does not abandon the presidential ambitions. And he must be destroyed by both. One of them needs to do it to save money, and the other seeks power and glory. Because he is a narcissist. Because he is applauding-addicted.

Remember the meeting in Bukovel as if by accident?

According to the law on oligarchs, by the way, a politician or official who met with an oligarch must report it. And a key agreement was reached at this meeting!

A so-called Kolomoisky-Zelensky Pact:

The official Ukrainian government guarantees Kolomoisky inviolability in Ukraine and an imitation of the struggle on the part of the state Privatbank in London. Kolomoisky, for his part, guarantees Zelensky full media support for this turbulent political season. This is the symbiosis that turns out.

Plus a common struggle with the main enemies of the people

One of whom nationalized Privatbank. Another one clearly wants to remove Zelensky from power. Although the situation for Kolomoisky, in fact, is definitely serious.

In September, a large-scale attempt to discredit the nationalization of Privatbank failed due to a lawsuit filed by the brothers Surkis.

And this is a very bad sign for Kolomoisky. Now he is activating his pocket weapon. Recently, after a year of silence, a media killer has become more active on YouTube. And already talking about ..

what will happen to hryvnia, about the economic fall, etc. And he writes posts about the National Bank.

It is a question of time when Andriy Derkach will appear at the arena and say again that detectives of Kroll are preparing to assassinate him. Those whose evidence appears in the case of Kolomoisky in London court. But soon another one will appear on the stage…

Yes, yes… You are right. This is Kolomoisky’s manual prosecutor Kulyk.

Who will run to 1+1 Channel again and read plucked from the air accusations against Poroshenko and Hontareva.

Making a big deal of nothing is his specialty.

We have already seen this when he and Derkach worked against Biden, discrediting his son and Burisma.

However, Kulyk needs to return to the position of prosecutor… How? We will tell in the following video. All these guys are under American sanctions, so they have nothing to lose.

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