Kovzel and Justice System (videoblog)

Bobyrenko Viktor

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29 June 2021

Today we will continue to talk about the scam of the century and the peculiarities of justice in Ukraine and the world. What is the difference and why we are poor. Mykola Kovzel is suing in Miami. As we have already found out, this modern Ukrainian Koreiko became a dollar millionaire on primitive and brutal schemes in Ukrzaliznytsia.

In his statement of claim, Kovzel claims that he was robbed. His money was kept in Brokbusinessbank. Its owner was Serhii Kurchenko, the young oligarch of the Yanukovych family. Together with Kolomoisky he bankrupted the bank using PrivatBank’s branches abroad and took the money abroad.

But Kovzel is not suing these good people, but the National Bank of Ukraine. The NBU did not seem to monitor the transactions and allowed the money to disappear. Despite the fact that the National Bank was then controlled by another member of Yanukovych’s family - Arbuzov. So it turns out interesting. Two oligarchs stole Kovzel’s money. And you and I must give them back to him. And along the way, the leadership of the NBU of Poroshenko’s time should be discredited, because they found a giant hole in PrivatBank and pulled the plug. The world has never seen such a mockery of common sense.

Meanwhile, Mykola Kovzel himself is not as holy as he wants to seem. We said that he made a career during the time of Heorhiy Kirpa, fulfilling his financial desires and carrying out sketchy schemes. After Kirpa’s death, Yulia Tymoshenko became his protector. And he is a deputy from BYuT.

And only after the presidency of Yanukovych did his influence diminish. However, what we have said about Kovzel’s scheme in Ukrzaliznytsia is only one side of the multifaceted Janus. Imagine an ordinary member of the BYuT faction was also an underground curator of the entire judicial empire. And not just a simple one, but created around the District Administrative Court of Kyiv.

Yes, you haven’t heard, this is the same District Administrative Court of Kyiv (OASK) where Judge Vovk and his company are currently creating lawlessness against the interests of Ukraine.

OASK is not about Pavlo Vovk. This is long before Vovk. Kovzel and the company acted just as primitively and brutally through the District Administrative Court of Kyiv: they skimmed state property and underestimated transportation tariffs. And corrupt judges made all this to be legal.

It all started with the Lviv Judge Oleh Bachun. It was he who accompanied all the cases of the local Ukrzaliznytsia (then headed by Kirpa) in the courts of Lviv since the 1990s.

And here Kirpa became the first in Ukrzaliznytsia. And then the Minister of Transport. Mykola Kovzel moved from Lviv to Kyiv following his boss. And later Oleh Bachun. And then - you won’t believe it - Mykola Kovzel’s brother Petro also came to work in the court with Bachun. And again they solve all cases of Ukrzaliznytsia in the Kyiv Commercial Court, and then the District Administrative Court of Kyiv, and everything is solved again as it is necessary. About it a little later

And then Kovzel became friends with Vasyl Onopenko, who was nothing less than the Head of the Supreme Court of Ukraine.

And this friendship became a highly effective union. Judicial decisions in favor of Kovzel’s Intertrans in all disputes with Ukrzaliznytsia had become a systemic phenomenon. The Kyiv Commercial Court, and then the Kyiv District Administrative Court became an instrument - a so-called shovel with which the oligarchs dug their garden beds. This is while we slaved away on our six acres.

Kovzel and Onopenko are united not only by a common decision-making in the courts. Their union was formed into a party: the USDP, which became part of the Yulia Tymoshenko Bloc during the elections. They received their seats on the list accordingly. And here in elections in 2006 both Onopenko and Kovzel became deputies of the Verkhovna Rada.

It is ironically, but Kirpa’s protege, who is, in fact, a product of Kuchma’s system, did not only weaken, but even strengthen his position during “orange’ leadership.

The partners also appointed Onopenko’s son-in-law Yevhen Korniychuk as the First Deputy Minister of Justice of Ukraine. This picture perfectly illustrates the connection between the people of the empire, where someone raises money and someone keeps a lookout.

And Kovzel also provided a political protection in the Verkhovna Rada. Now let’s look at how it worked in practice.

The Intertrans CJSC, which was established for Kovzel in 2004, parasitized on state property and logistics capabilities of Ukrzaliznytsia, using it as its own.

The railroad workers work and Kovzel takes the best. And it was all created in a very dubious way. But when the Prosecutor General’s Office tried to appeal these decisions in early 2005, the owner of the state property was able to defend his rights in court without any problems.

By the way, another craftsman and talented businessman enriched in a similar way at that time.

Igor Kolomoisky went shares with the state and created “Ukrnafta” on the shares, where the state had the bigger stock.

But Kolomoisky was allowed to choose his management.

Now the state had no profits from this company. But Kolomoisky's business went well. Let’s move on. In 2006, Yanukovych briefly became prime minister. And Donetsk wanted to remove Kovzel. He was hacked by tariff understatements.

However, the courts were unanimously on the side of Kovzel and his Intertrans, making the “right” decisions.

Intertrans continued to receive preferential tariffs. And the State was seriously short of money in the budget. And during Tymoshenko’s second term, this friendly team had been cemented.

At the exchange rate of UAH 5 per dollar at that time, it was almost $ 80 million.

Mr. Kovzel would be good as a business coach at the How to Become a Millionaire course, rather than being at Kolomoisky’s beck and call, exposing himself and his European bank accounts to sanctions.

It was in 2007 that the District Administrative Court of Kyiv was established. And Oleh Bachun, a protege and colleague of Mykola Kovzel, became its first chairman. At this time, the promising Pavlo Vovk is only an assistant to a deputy Serhii Kivalov.

And the real glory in the transformation of the District Administrative Court of Kyiv into an odious court rightfully belongs to Oleh Bachun.

Bachun also made the decision that the already mentioned brother of Mykola Kovzel - Petro would later become a judge of the District Administrative Court of Kyiv.

Well, a normal family contract, right ?!

And the sweet couple Kovzel/Bachun both solved their problems and helped Yulia Tymoshenko, who didn’t mind some services in the struggle for power.

However, soon a bad blood brewed between them. And it was due to Igor Kolomoisky.

The conflict occurred because of the Odessa Port Plant in 2009. The Russians wanted to take a grip of it. And Yulia Tymoshenko actively lobbied for the process. But Kolomoisky also looked closely at the plant. He was just interested in Kovzel’s ability to influence the District Administrative Court of Kyiv.

Kovzel and Bachun gave the go-ahead and everything was absolutely fine.

Already in September 2009 to secure the claim of Dniproazot OJSC of Kolomoisky, the Kyiv District Administrative Court issued a decision that made it impossible to privatize the Odessa Port Plant. As a result, nine of the twelve potential contestants abruptly withdrew.

And when the main participants of the competition were dumped, the cartel of the three remaining ones played in such a way that the Odessa Port Plant was sold to the Ukrainian Nortima LLC, which is controlled by Kolomoisky, for less than a third of the real price. And Yulia Tymoshenko, who lobbied other buyers, had to press and cancel the results of the competition.

This significantly worsened the relations between Tymoshenko and Kovzel, but improved between Kovzel and Kolomoisky, the latter certainly knew how to “motivate” the courts in Ukraine.

Hence, we recorded Kolomoisky’s political and economic partnership with Kovzel. That's what is behind. And you want to say that the current scam with the court in Miami, where Kovzel is suing the National Bank, is not in Kolomoisky’s interests?

And that situation with the port plant and the District Administrative Court of Kyiv ignited a new star of the BYuT team - Andrii Portnov. It was Tymoshenko who was offended by Kovzel’s scam and was taking revenge.

And here it happened that Yanukovych won elections next year. His flock was set to clear to the last all the “orange” followers wherever possible. And in preparation for the parliamentary 2012, the District Administrative Court of Kyiv was of fundamental importance.

Therefore, the Kivalov-Portnov group, which got along well with the regionals, skillfully carried out this order.

The Kivalov-Portnov group received the majority of votes in the High Council of Justice, and thus Onopenko was deprived of the opportunity to block any decisions of the body. The decision took place on June 3, 2010.

The Verkhovna Rada dismissed Judge Oleh Bachun on this day. It happened at the request of the High Council of Justice, which was already headed by Kivalov’s children godfather, Volodymyr Kolesnichenko. And Petro Kovzel was dismissed from the post of judge literally two weeks later.

Shortly before his release, under pressure, Bachun had to appoint Judge Pavlo Vovk as an acting Chairman of the District Administrative Court of Kyiv. He was later automatically appointed as a chairman of this court.

Maybe because the ideological leader of the District Administrative Court of Kyiv - Mykola Kovzel did not resist very much, and even enlisted the support of Kolomoisky, he was not actively persecuted under Yanukovych ..?

Guys from Donetsk simply pushed him away from the schemes, putting their own people there. Do you think that the star of Kovzel went beyond the horizon?

After the victory of the Revolution of Dignity, Kovzel managed to push his own people into the power structures.

Oleh Bachun became (Shocker!) a Deputy Prosecutor General of Vitalii Yarema. It was at this time that the Commercial Court of Kyiv seized the funds and property of the Eastern European Energy Company and the Metalist Football Club, which belonged to Kurchenko.

I will remind that while running away from Ukraine Kurchenko withdrew money of Brokbusinessbank. And there were sort of 130 million dollars of Kovzel. And attention please!

The arrest was made by the court on the claim of Intertransgroup, the ultimate owner of which in turn is Mykola Kovzel. The company stated that it wanted to collect UAH 1.2 billion in debt from Brokbusinessbank.

However, it was reported that Intertransgroup bought the right to claim the debt from another structure, the name of which was never reported. Oh, oh, does that mean that Kovzel started fighting for his allegedly stolen money? Nope!

Literally a year later, the Commercial Court of Kyiv removed an attachment of Serhii Kurchenko’s funds and property of the Eastern European Fuel and Energy Company (SEPEK). Lawyers of FC Metalist also appealed to the court to remove an attachment which was satisfied in 4 days.

For the judges, the reason for removing an attachment was that the company Intertransgroup, at the request of which the arrest was made, no longer went to court, which meant that there were no reasons to continue the precautionary measures. Quod erat demonstrandum. Kovzel and Kurchenko agreed and quietly closed the case. And here are the traces of asset exchange:

In the same year, 2014, Kovzel managed to temporarily put his head at Ukrzaliznytsia - Borys Ostapyuk. In the summer, when hostilities were already going on in Donbass, he not only did not withdraw valuable property and rolling stock from there, but on the contrary signed a supply of 30,000 tons of diesel fuel to the Donetsk railway!

Is it worth mentioning that it was Kurchenko who became the real controller of financial flows in the occupied Donbass?! And what do we see now?

Kovzel is suing the National Bank in a Miami court, because he was allegedly robbed in 2014 by Kurchenko and Kolomoisky, and the NBU did not react.

Here’s the trouble. And why didn’t your friend the Deputy Chief Prosecutor Oleh Bachun react??! Why in 2015 you stopped suing Kurchenko? .. And in 6 years you came to your senses? It is clear to everyone that there was an amicable settlement and decision.

However, there’s an absolute farce in the court of Miami. And it is clearly designed to discredit our NBU and the entire process of investigating large-scale schemes of Privatbank and Kolomoisky.

And most importantly, you need to create an imagination in people’s minds: if those who sue Kolomoisky are dishonest, then he himself is warm and fuzzy?

In Ukraine, Kolomoisky will not deceive anyone. But it’s important to tell the whole world about it - we have a great combiner of all time here. He situationally acts both in the personal interests, and in the interests of the Russian Federation. And he must be stopped.