Kolomoisky Strikes Back (videoblog)

Bobyrenko Viktor

Head of the Expert Group of the Bureau of Policy Analysis. He studied at the National Academy for Public Administration. Master of Public Administration, Political Scientist, Political Technologist. Studies the…


14 June 2021

We are with you on the threshold of a new grand jigger. And this jigger of planetary scale is about money, about power, about Ukraine’s place in the world, and about the Russian-Ukrainian war. You may ask what kind of person could start this jigger and commit? The name of this person is Igor Kolomoisky.

An oligarch is actually prosecuted for criminal acts only in the West. Kolomoisky is under sanctions in the United States, where he is charged under the RICO Act, which was passed to judge leaders of trade unions and organized crime groups. The US Department of Justice has already filed three civil lawsuits demanding the confiscation of Kolomoisky’s and Bogolyubov’s assets in the United States. We are talking about the assets that Kolomoisky bought in the United States with the money stolen from us from Privatbank.

However, a real key to immortality is hidden in London. It is there in the Supreme Court, where on March 1, 2022, the hearing of the case “State of Ukraine Against Ex-Owners of Privatbank” will begin. At stake is neither much nor little - $ 5.5 billion. One day Kolomoisky may turn from an influential oligarch into a bankrupt. As in the International, just the opposite: who meant everything - became nothing.

His whole life is at stake. Knowing Igor Kolomoisky, he is not going to pass.

Kolomoisky’s overall protection strategy is to completely discredit all the pillars on which the lawsuits against him stand. It literally looks like this:

  • Destroy the reputation and denigrate all those who decided to nationalize Privatbank in Ukraine
  • Break, fabricate, annul or discredit the evidence on which the charges are based
  • Defame Western partners and institutions involved in the theft of Privat
  • And now to undermine the credibility of the Western courts that hear his cases, to accuse them of partiality, prejudgment, double standards. It is even better to prove that Kolomoisky is a victim of Western persecution. Moreover, this is what Putin’s Russia wants. The interests of the oligarch and the FSB coincide here.

Do you see any associations, when we then mention the attacks of Artemon Dubinsky and the lap dog prosecutor Kulyk against Hontareva? About the burned house and Veryovka Choir? About coffins under the NBU? About the statements of the agent of the Russian special services Derkach that he and his accomplice Kulyk were being assassinated by, just imagine, the KROLL company representatives! It was the reputable KROLL detective company that conducted the audit, which revealed the theft of $ 5.5 billion from Privat. Yeah, what about the 4 press conferences of Derkach-Kulyk, at which they poured shit fabricated in Russia on Joe Biden and his son?

According to Igor Kolomoisky’s plan, Trump had to win at any cost. And with the help of “beating” Biden, he and Giuliani should have slightly tightened the activity of the Ministry of Justice and the FBI in the investigation. And it did not happen as expected. Biden won. The FSB agent Derkach has been sanctioned since the fall, Kulyk and Dubinsky since January, and their ideological father Kolomoisky since March. The FBI also searched Giuliani, alluding to the latter’s subversive contacts with pro-Russian figures such as Derkach-Dubinsky-Kulyk.

And do you think after the failure of Kolomoisky-Derkach’s plan to interfere in the US elections, everything stopped? Not at all. And this is what my new video series is about.

Instead of burned characters, new figures must be drawn into the real world. And here a new player appears on the stage - he is Derkach No. 2. Meet Mykola Kovzel, People’s Deputy of Ukraine of 5-6 convocations from the Yuliia Tymoshenko Bloc. Now he will act in the interests of Kolomoisky.

It so happened that a modest People’s Deputy from the BYuT turned out to be an undercover multi-millionaire like Koreiko, and his controlled companies placed about $ 130 million in Kurchenko’s Brokbusinessbank in 2011-2013. “Shut up!” you may say. And I agree with you. Where does the money come from, Mr. Kovzel? Then there was the Revolution of Dignity and Kurchenko left the bank empty before fleeing, plainly stealing all the money. A worthy student of his mentor Kolomoisky!

And Kovzel’s $ 130 million went down the tubes. Kovzel mourned them for 7 long years and didn’t complain. Only on January 4, 2021 Kovzel through his representative in the USA Zhukovsky filed a lawsuit in the American court in Miami, Florida. And in the lawsuit itself, it’s just a spectacle of absurdity

The Plaintiff alleges that Igor Kolomoisky and Gennady Bogolyubov laundered money not only from Privatbank but also from Brokbusinessbank of Kurchenko through the Optima Group of Companies in the United States, because they conducted numerous joint businesses with him. According to Kovzel, he lost his own money in shady schemes of Kolomoisky’s money laundering! Here we go. The crooks robbed the crook. However, the amount for 2021, taking into account all the compensation, has grown from $ 130 million to $ 300 million. And he decided to declare it exactly a year before the Last Judgment of Kolomoisky in London.

And now watch closely how the Ukrainian undercover Koreiko and a bearded grandmother (Kolomoisky here) are going to dilute American justice!

Kovzel’s money was stolen by Kurchenko and Kolomoisky. And he is suing the National Bank of Ukraine! As in the anecdote: “Mumu” was written by Turgenev, and a monument is erected to Pushkin. Isn’t it absurd?

Here is a quote from Kovzel himself:

“I want to collect money not from Kolomoisky, but from the National Bank, which did not control and which helped Kurchenko and Kolomoisky to launder money.”

Well, did you realize what a trick these guys want to pull right in front of the American justice system?

Like American real estate (mind, the very buildings that the US Department of Justice wants to confiscate from Kolomoisky, but not many other real estate objects) it not only belongs to Kolomoisky - it also belongs to Kovzel.

And if so, it cannot be confiscated on the claims of the Ministry of Justice against Kolomoisky for money laundering of Privatbank. This means that the accusations against Kolomoisky were made superficially by the American judiciary, without establishing all the facts, and therefore it turns out that the oligarch was lied to by the Ministry of Justice and the FBI and his reputation was destroyed!

“I didn’t steal money. I didn’t launder money.” And all FBI and US Department of Justice investigations are political persecutions. This is an example of ‘chutzpah’. ‘Chutzpah’ in Yiddish is something like unbridled, extreme impudence, such that does not come to mind.

This is Kolomoisky’s idea. To cover up shit with one Kovzel’s lawsuit and discredit everyone. Including Hontareva, because it turns out that she contributed to the theft of Kovzel’s money from Kurchenko’s bank (for some reason Kovzel keeps silence that Hontareva came to office six months after the bank was left with a hole?!). Does it turn out that Privat was taken away unfairly? And the FBI and Justice Department conduct the investigation in a biased and low-quality manner. Well, not for nothing Kolomoisky received a sports rank in chess!

This fuss is beneficial to Russia as well. If the global Derkach-Kulyk scam to interfere in the US election did not pass, now is the time to strike at the foundation of American democracy - the justice system. This is the same strategic corruption of the Russian Federation, which both Biden and Nuland have already declared. It’s time to award Kolomoisky with a sports category in the nomination of Corruptionist of the Year!

I am sincerely convinced that he will still get his way. And we will do our best to finally calm down this “bearded grandmother” with her intentions to destroy half the world. Well, and to imprison for umpteen years with confiscation.

Stay tuned. In the following series, we’ll tell why Kolomoisky’s new plan is doomed to failure, why Kovzel is waiting for the fate of the used toy of the oligarch, which have already become Derkach and Kulyk, where Kovzel got his millions and why he will be able to spend them not in Monaco as before, but somewhere near Syzran or in Anapa.