Kolomoisky's new scam: an undisguised threat (videoblog)

Bobyrenko Viktor

Head of the Expert Group of the Bureau of Policy Analysis. He studied at the National Academy for Public Administration. Master of Public Administration, Political Scientist, Political Technologist. Studies the…


05 July 2021

This is the final series about our study of Kolomoisky’s new sketchy scheme. Today we will break down all the nuances. If you have not seen the previous parts - I recommend you to watch them. The scheme itself is aimed at discrediting Ukraine in the eyes of the West and delegitimazation of state institutions in the country itself.

So, starring:

Actually, Igor Kolomoisky. Author and inspirer of the biggest robbery scam since the time of Mavrodi, called PrivatBank. No additional presentation required.

Serhii Kurchenko, a young oligarch close to Yanukovych. The owner of Brokbusinessbank. After the Revolution of Dignity he fled to Russia. And he stole money from Brokbusinessbank, laundering a significant part of it through the Latvian branch of Kolomoisky’s PrivatBank. Thereby robbing depositors.

Mykola Kovzel. In fact, the prima of this performance. A nondescript people’s deputy of BYuT of the middle of 2000.

Protege of the King of Ukrzaliznytsia Heorhiy Kirpa and a neighbor of Yulia Tymoshenko herself. He is the creator and manager of a powerful business and court corporation created around the Kyiv District Court. In fact, it is a prototype of the Portnov-Kivalov group.

Kovzel served Igor Kolomoisky’s interests during the privatization of the Odessa Port Plant through a controlled judicial vertical - District Administrative Court of Kyiv City. And attention… one of the allegedly stolen depositor of Brokbusinessbank of Kurchenko.

Konstantyn Kulyk is Kolomoisky’s manual prosecutor, but in secondary roles.

Kulyk is one of Kolomoisky’s torpedoes for discrediting US presidential candidate Joe Biden. He has been under US sanctions since March.

In 2004, he was the one investigating the circumstances of the death of Heorhiy Kirpa, the patron of Mykola Kovzel. Of course, there were no results.

After Maidan, Kulyk led the notorious Kurchenko’s organized crime group, which ended in a super-sketchy special confiscation of $ 1.5 billion. No one suffered real punishments.

However, in this case of Kurchenko, Kulyk had Hontareva - Kolomoisky’s personal enemy among the suspects for some reason…

And these cases were in Kulyk’s list of work clearly not by chance. Personal prosecutor-off-limits is worth his weight in gold. So, we have a talented trio and a father-director, who have been connected for a long time. What are they doing this time?

In 7 years after the bankruptcy of Brokbusinessbank, Mykola Kovzel recalls that he had $ 130 million there.

Well, at the scale of his life, after being sucked into the feeder of Ukrzaliznytsia one could really forget…

Nevertheless. Now he confidently wants for some reason to return his money stolen by Brokbusinessbank of Kurchenko and taken out through Kolomoisky’s PrivatBank. Mr. Kovzel picks up a pen, writes a lawsuit, and files it in the court of Miami, Florida. And here, attention!

He is not suing Kurchenko and Brokbusinessbank, and not Kolomoisky and PrivatBank. He demands that the money be returned to him by the National Bank of Ukraine. And not $ 130 million, but $ 300 million.

Craftily? Moreover, he claims Kolomoisky’s property in Miami. In the lawsuit, Kovzel notes that Kolomoisky stole money from Kurchenko and bought real estate for it. And here is another nail in the board of the absurd.

Kovzel is claiming the real estate, which the US Department of Justice plans to confiscate from Kolomoisky for money laundering in the United States.

You are probably already confused… Indeed, Igor Kolomoisky is a real peace of manipulator. Why try to sue own real estate that is under threat of confiscation by the US Department of Justice through a controlled person? That’s right - to block the confiscation process by the US Department of Justice!

The second question is why Kovzel is suing the National Bank and not Kurchenko and Kolomoisky? According to the text of his lawsuit, they stole the money.

Here we need to look wider. Kolomoisky’s history of relations with the National Bank is long and straightforward. It was NBU that detected and stopped the scam of robbing Ukrainians called PrivatBank.

Thus, the leadership of the National Bank signed a ticket to the war with Kolomoisky. The oligarch directed all the power of his empire of influence at them. Their reputations were smashed, property was destroyed.

And now in the Supreme Court of London the State of Ukraine is suing the former owners of Privatbank.

The lawsuit amounts to $ 5.5 billion in deposits stolen from Ukrainians. This is everything for Kolomoisky: his influences, assets, status.

Kolomoisky needs Kovzel like a torpedo. His lawsuit in Miami is nothing more than a reason plucked from the air to discredit the NBU in the eyes of representatives of the Western judiciary. In the United States and the United Kingdom, the court is guided by previous precedents.

We already know the fate of the previous Kolomoisky’s torpedoes. Shot and disqualified from entering the United States. The same thing awaits Kovzel.

It’s difficult to call it a game; it’s a mess. Just to save own ass. Without any regard for the interests of the people, the state… And this mess of Kolomoisky is beneficial to no one but hostile Russia...

And when this process reaches the stage of publicity, it will receive maximum information, resource and personnel support.

But we are armed with an understanding of the true intentions of these guys! And we can counteract this! Kolomoisky, Kovzel, Kurchenko and Kulyk have left a lot of traces of their joint activities and I am convinced that this plan will not work.

 Common sense and honest people must win. That’s what the world stands for! And we will not hand over this game to them. Glory to Ukraine!