Kolomoisky's new hope (videoblog)

Bobyrenko Viktor

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22 June 2021

In the last video, we already talked about the new machinations from Kolomoisky. The storyline is so interesting that it’s breathtaking. Look.

Kolomoisky, like Karabas of today, has his own fighting players. And they have already been busted in the United States as Russian agents. But Kolomoisky will soon have a decisive court in London, where 5.5 yards is at stake. That is, everything. If he loses, he will take only subway. The Plaintiff is the State of Ukraine. The key figures are the National Bank and the Head at that period Hontareva. And in the eyes of London judges, opponents must be discredited at all costs.

And here Igor Kolomoisky plays another gambit on the other side of the chessboard. Mykola Kovzel, a new not busted pawn comes to the old chessboard.

Mr. Kovzel suddenly remembers that he once had more than $ 100 million in Kurchenko’s Brokbusinessbank. By the way, he was friends with him. After the revolution, Kurchenko ran away and took all the money of the family bank with him, and his friend’s money. And Kurchenko had been laundering money from Brokbusinessbank for a long time through the Latvian branch of Privat of the same Kolomoisky . An interesting detail, right?

It was here that Mykola Kovzel took to his heels and filed a lawsuit in Miami.

He shouts to the whole world, “Save me, I was robbed”. However, the magic lies in the fact that he shouts: Kurchenko and Kolomoisky stole my money. And he is suing the National Bank! And he demands to be paid with the state money. Because it was not just an oversight; it was Hontareva’s National Bank which helped to steal his money.

But we will prove the opposite to you. It’s Kolomoisky’s beard to be behind all this. So, the motive is as follows:

If it is possible to discredit the National Bank and Hontareva, it will be a great argument for the defense of Kolomoisky.

Like, you see, scoundrels are suing me on behalf of Ukraine. And I’m warm and fuzzy. In general, an old fable. But it will not work out. In fact, it’s easy to understand Kovzel’s intentions. Let’s turn to the brief biographical data of this underground Ukrainian multimillionaire, let’s see what kind of fruit is this?

Kovzel appeared on the political horizons in the early 1990s. And his rise is connected with the legend of Ukrzaliznytsia - Heorhiy Kirpa.

Because Kovzel’s mother was Kirpa’s wife’s tailor, and in time they became friends. This is how career elevators always work in Ukraine, so it’s no wonder. Kovzel behaved as an excellent student and assistant to Heorhiy Kirpa, especially in those areas where purchases were made, where tariffs for transportation were approved. That is, where financial flows flowed rapidly.

The turning point of Mykola Kovzel’s career is connected with the transfer of Heorhiy Kirpa to the position of the 1st Deputy Minister of Transport and moving from Lviv to Kyiv. In 2000, Kovzel was appointed as a Director of the Intertrans State Transport and Forwarding Company.

That’s where the schemes had been expanded. It was on Intertrans that money converged, it was Intertrans that was paid for by the customers of transportation. The transportation itself was carried out by Ukrzaliznytsia. A small detail:

The newly appointed young director of Intertrans signed the purchase of a BMW 7 worth over $ 100,000 for the first time in office, which the minister used himself. And Lincoln Navigator also over $ 100,000, a Mercedes-Benz 600 worth $ 60,000.

And this is in 2000! Well, you and I understand that all transportations would have stopped by Ukrzaliznytsia without these expensive cars. In fact, these were the first corrupt mergers of government and business, a kind of mold of the late 90’s.

Corruption merging is when you seize state property, but you have your own courts, which will avenge you and cover up all dishonest deals. Well, just a gold mine.

The deceased Kirpa built an entire empire here, but more on that later. And on the eve of the Orange Revolution, a miracle happened. Watch out. Sleight of hand and no fraud.

The 100% state-owned Intertrans had been transformed. According to the order of the Ministry of Transport at that time, it was decided to liquidate the state company to expand the volume of services, improve their quality and efficiency of state property and transfer its property as a contribution to the statutory funds of two newly formed CJSCs.

It was yours - it became ours. And the Supervisory Board just elected Mykola Kovzel as the Chairman of the Board of the new Intertrans CJSC. Well, it would seem what a problem in that change: there was a state enterprise - it became a CJSC. However…

In both companies, the state, represented by the State Property Fund, received less than 25% of shares. While more than 75% were received by private co-founders: a company registered in the Swiss canton of Zug and Intertrans Holding LLC. At the same time, the first received more than 1,000 cars of the former state-owned enterprise, and private Intertrans received all logistics and forwarding business, as well as office space in Kyiv.

I forgot that’s even an option, Ostap Bender could say.

And even when Kirpa died under unknown circumstances in December 2004, he either shot himself or someone helped, Mykola Kovzel started looking for another political cover.

Some time had passed, and now his business built on the robbery of the railway began to be covered by Yulia Tymoshenko.

According to her, she became Kovzel’s neighbor on the dam in Koncha Zaspa. And in 2006 Kovzel became a deputy from BYuT and remained so until 2012.

A coincidence? - I do not think so. Well, it’s next door. You build two houses at the same time. And later you will be included in the list. So sweet. And so, at the end of 2007, when BYuT formed the government, Kovzel himself became a secretary in the transport committee and actually - a secret watchman for Ukrzaliznytsia.

The degree of influence of a simple People’s Deputy Kovzel on Ukrzaliznytsia was stated even by the profile Minister of Transport Yosyp Vinskyi, who could not make any fundamental decision in the Ukrzaliznytsia under his control. Because of Kovzel.

And here Kovzel found just a gold mine. As Ostap Bender said, “Personally I have 400 relatively honest ways to strip a man of his money.” Kovzel clearly had no less ways to launder money from the state-owned Ukrzaliznytsia.

Here, for example: completely under Kovzel’s control, Deputy General Director of Ukrzaliznytsia Borys Ostapiuk changed the composition of the Ukrzaliznytsia Tariff Commission by order.

He included in its composition the men who were responsible for tariff regulation during Kirpa. And the tariff commission, ignoring the applications and documents of forwarding agents…

… Without monitoring their work, without economic analysis, provided the maximum reduction factors to the company Intertrans for all freight carriages.

And do we really need competition and a free market, if you can draw any tariff for your loved ones? And it’s fun to live on this margin, leaving all the losses in Ukrzaliznytsia, which is state-owned. Here is just an audit for one quarter of 2008, when the transaction began to bear fruit:

During the period from January to March, Ukrzaliznytsia’s application of contractual tariff rates led to additional discounts to some forwarding companies, and as a result, Ukrzaliznytsia did not receive revenues of almost UAH 92,000,000 including Intertrans for almost UAH 77,000,000.

In total, in 2008 Kovzel’s enterprise earned UAH 300-400 million. Or another primitive scheme, which the Lviv boys did not shy away from. It turned out that Ukrzaliznytsia had carriages, but no cars to carry the management.

Therefore, tenders for taxi services were announced. And Intertrans won them from year to year. 3 million each year.

With the coming to power of Yanukovych in 2010, Kovzel of course had been pushed away from the feed base - Ukrzaliznytsia. That’s not why Donetsk boys came to Kyiv to feed Lviv residents. But Kovzel was able to quickly orient himself under the disorder in government.

While the heads of government offices were changing in the spring of 2010, Mykola Kovzel managed to complete the full privatization of the business. The State Property Fund had completed the privatization of Intertrans CJSC. The state-owned 24.2% of the shares were bought by a private co-founder - Intertrans Holding LLC.

A quarter of the shares of the company, which controlled more than a third of the freight forwarding services market, went to the buyer for a ridiculous UAH 25 million.

However, Donetsk politicians later destroyed the first judicial empire in Ukraine, the creator and inspirer of which was the underground Ukrainian Koreiko - Mykola Kovzel.

We will talk about this in the next series. As well as about how Kovzel and Kolomoisky are connected. And the current farce in the Miami court is just a game. Game on the side of Kolomoisky.

Igor Kolomoisky has a unique gift to collect around him partners in crime, similar to him in cheating manners like two peas in a pod.

And when Mr. Kovzel tries to cry in an American court that swindlers Kolomoisky and Kurchenko had stolen from him $ 130 million earned in hard way (although he blames the National Bank and Hontareva), it would not be superfluous to recall the origin of this money. This is our money with you, pumped out of Ukrxaliznytsia through numerous and primitive schemes.

Therefore, his lawsuit in Miami is not just a lifeline for Kolomoisky. It is also a game against the Western justice system itself. And a game against common sense.

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