Kolomoisky Is Destined to an American Prison!

Bobyrenko Viktor

Head of the Expert Group of the Bureau of Policy Analysis. He studied at the National Academy for Public Administration. Master of Public Administration, Political Scientist, Political Technologist. Studies the…


11 June 2021

Kolomoisky Is Destined to an American Prison!

His property in the United States is under threat of confiscation. All assets of the Privat group are also under threat.

The state of Ukraine is suing the former owners of PrivatBank with a demand to return the funds and property of depositors obtained by fraudulent methods.

Kolomoisky has everything at stake. He has no chance against Western justice in a fair play. The only way out is to discredit the opponent and sow doubts in the eyes of the judges about the veracity and impartiality of the lawsuit.

And Kolomoisky is launching a campaign of dirty lobbying against the State of Ukraine, in order to discredit it as an opponent in the eyes of international courts. Large-scale, powerful, creative. But nothing will happen. Because we will tell and show everything as it really is!

The Bureau of Policy Analysis is launching a new series of materials where we will show the results of a large-scale study of Mr. Kolomoisky’s new machinations against Ukraine and justice.