Igor Kolomoisky Resigned from the Supervisory Board of Channel 1 + 1.

Bobyrenko Viktor

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09 December 2021
Igor Kolomoisky Resigned from the Supervisory Board of Channel 1 + 1.

It is to be expected that he will soon transfer the channel to someone close to him in order to protect himself from the possibility of declaring himself an oligarch. Like “I had nothing to do with it”.

According to another position, there is no evidence base for the presence of personal deputies. To prove that Dubinsky was Kolomoisky’s faithful servant, it is necessary for Dubinsky to confess himself. All this idea - the law on oligarchs - has no legal basis. One can only damage the reputation of the people. Although who knows. If a liar Ze! says that you are a dishonest person, can it be the other way around? By the way, a storyline was recently released on 1+1, where a molfar reminded that Zelensky will not stay until the end of the term. Well, for example, I doubt that prediction. But the fact that the 1+1 has released such a storyline may indicate that the oligarchs already have a consensus: who can replace Ze!

Puppeteers need a new Pinocchio. But where to get another such one of the gang guy?

Will Razumkov cope with it? I doubt it.