How Sumy Investigative Journalists Obtain Information in Conditions of Ignorance

Zakharchenko Oleksii

Media Expert, Election Technology Expert. Regional representative of the Institute of Mass Information in the Sumy Region, Monitoring Expert of the NGO Media Detector, Chairman of the Board of the…


01 June 2021

Investigative journalism occupies an exceptional place in the system of journalistic genres. One of its most important tasks is to find the truth and publish information of public interest. Accordingly, the effective work of investigative journalists is possible only in case of unimpeded access to sources of information.

Unfortunately, investigative journalism programs in the regions are very rare. On the one hand, regional newsrooms cannot always afford to fund programs that are much more expensive to produce than, let’s just say, interviews. On the other hand, there are not many journalists in the regions that are ready to go to the end, because the release of such programs means that they are constantly under the threat of persecution and intimidation.

Sumy is fortunate in this respect: since 2014, on the air of Suspilne Sumy (and before that - Sumy ODTRK) there was a program ‘At Gunpoint’ of journalistic investigations. 

During the production of ‘At Gunpoint’ episodes, journalists regularly deal with a non-disclosure of information by the objects of their research.

As soon as representatives of either private, or any other structures understand that the disclosure of certain information may have some negative consequences for them, they try their best not to provide it, - sums up Olena Adamenko.

Here, in such difficult conditions, local investigative journalists have to work, who, despite all obstacles, try to play the role of watchdogs of democracy at the regional level.