Freshly burned in the United States, Dubinsky has already started backing off

Bobyrenko Viktor

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13 January 2021

Freshly burned in the United States, Dubinsky has already started backing off on style:

- I am innocent; he came here by himself!

Once again, I declare that I have never interfered in elections in other states, including the American elections, and I have never had anything to do with the promulgation or other similar actions of the so-called Poroshenko-Biden records.

And everyone knows this perfectly well.

And the photo of Dubinsky with Giuliani was taken on the same day as that of Derkach with Giuliani.This is no coincidence.

Everything was simple: Kolomoiskyi did not start spotting on both of his agents.

At first they played with the help of Dubinsky. And when it became clear to Ihor Valeriiovych with the main trouble-maker in the situation (just connect Poroshenko to the younger Biden and transfer betrayal / corruption to America). But why spot on both?

Especially since the role of Kostiantyn Kulyk was just to blow his cheeks and knit his eyebrows. Oleksandr was not chosen as the person sitting to the right from Derkach, because the boy is talented and charismatic.

But in the United States they assessed everything correctly. And the fact that Dubinsky did not go through this whole war does not mean that he did not start it.

So the award found a hero. This is not in Ukraine, where you can clamp and say, “A bill for the mansion”. But what is interesting: Dubinsky ended his talented post with the words:

I will never be a puppet for the aggressor country or for our Euro-Atlantic “partners”. Let’s fight - let’s win!

And this is for intelligent people to think about. We are preparing a new electoral niche here - those who are not for the country of the aggressor - but also against the decadent West.

Palchevsky was being prepared for the role of a hero for this group. But he looks like a refined intellectual. And here a macho is needed. To be ahead on a bad horse, like Chapaev.

Here Dubinsky, whose mother also loves fast driving, may fit. Here he is top in the role of a victim of Yankees.

But we know in advance all their moves. Warned means armed.

Do not be manipulated. Dubinsky is the enemy of Ukraine, even if you see him in an embroidered shirt.