Budget 2021: What to Expect In the Coming Year?

Bukin Andriy

Executive Director of the Public Organization “Chance Club”. Expert on budget and healthcare. He studied at the Ukrainian Academy of Banking. Lawyer. Sumy State Pedagogical University. Practical Psychologist. Sumy State…


18 December 2020

The main law of the country for the next year is accepted. It is time to talk about the figures and prospects for the future of this country. We will try to understand together the complex financial issues that affect the lives of every citizen in simple words and examples.

Thus, on December 15, 2020, the Verkhovna Rada adopted the Law of Ukraine on the Budget of Ukraine for 2021 by a majority vote. The document was supported by 289 people’s deputies.

What to Expect Next Year?

From January 1, 2021, doctors will return to an average wage of UAH 9,000 for doctors, UAH 7,000 for nurses and UAH 5,000 for hospital attendants. Most likely, this applies to the secondary and tertiary parts of the health care system. Lawmakers did not support raising wages for medical staff. Greetings to the populist promises of ZeTeam.

The biggest mess is hidden in the underfunding of two areas. Medical Guarantee and Drug Purchase Programs for Severely Ill Patients.

This has been said many times, but has never been heard by lawmakers. According to the Law “On Medical Guarantees for the Population”, the budget for the health care sector should consist of at least 5% of GDP! Instead, the budget for 2021 is 2.7%!!! - This means that 45% is underfunded!

It's not just figures - it’s the real lives of patients, both present and future. Another important indicator is the purchase of medicines. The need for funds is UAH 17.2 billion, while the law prescribes UAH 9.5 billion, which means that the State of Ukraine will not provide almost half of the needs for its citizens. And this in turn means that next year the balance of UAH 7.7 billion will be paid by us, ordinary citizens who will be in medical institutions! This is a clear algorithm, which is calculated by specialists, if there is a number of patients, there is treatment and there is a price for this treatment. There is no escape from this. A person is either treated or dies. Accordingly, all those who voted for the budget believe that Ukrainians should pay extra for the shortage of medicines in the amount of UAH 7.7 billion out of their own pockets.

There is a problem with the treatment of COVID-19 since January, because there is no funding. In our country, those who are not able to be treated at their own expense will simply die. 12 thousand deaths, a significant part of which could have been prevented this year, did not stop the division of budget funds.

The Minister Stepanov did nothing to defend the necessary budget for the medical sector. The President Zelensky who so skillfully recorded videos while being treated for the mild form of COVID-19 in Feofaniia did nothing to improve the lives of patients and health professionals. At the beginning of the year, we remember how the ZePresident spoke pathetically about the defenders at the front and the defenders in white overalls, about their medical guarantees and security. Here is the result! It is recorded and voted - with these results the country will live all next year.

Tomorrow the regional budget will be accepted at the session of the regional council. It is just as strange and contradictory. If we open the healthcare section, we will see the figures for this section. The structure of the general fund in the field of Health Care in the amount of 161,127.6 thousand hryvnias consists of expenditures on:

  • Remuneration with accruals - 72,198.6 thousand hryvnias (or 44.8%);
  • Utilities and energy - 70,852.2 thousand hryvnias (44%);
  • Medicines and food - 3,112.7 thousand hryvnias (1.9%);
  • Preferential pensions - 9,711.6 thousand hryvnias (6%);
  • Other current expenses - 5,252.5 thousand hryvnias (3.3%)

We keep houses and staff for them, but do not provide medicines!

There is no funding for any medical program in the region.

We must end with the words of the greatest president: “You did it together!”

P.S. For comparison, I will leave statistical information on other sections.

  • Expenditures for the maintenance of the President’s Office will increase by 39%,
  • Office of the Prosecutor General - by 46%,
  • State Bureau of Investigation - by 67%.
  • Even for the State Fiscal Service, which is in the process of liquidation and should disappear after the establishment of the Bureau of Economic Security, they plan to spend UAH 1.32 billion in 2021 - 42% more than in 2020.