Analysis of Zelensky’s Speech in the Verkhovna Rada by Viktor Bobyrenko

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01 December 2021
Analysis of Zelensky’s Speech in the Verkhovna Rada by Viktor Bobyrenko

If we briefly sum up Zelensky’s speech in the Verkhovna Rada, and for those who did not watch (and do not want to), I can say:

1) He is an actor, but he spoke very clumsily. He confused syllables, put wrong accents, and swallowed endings.

And this was despite the fact that he could read everything from the display.

In short, something is wrong with Volodymyr Zelensky today.

And also, he was excited. And it was felt that the applause still emoted him. This is his doping. And yes, there was no Butusov, who puts Zelensky in a crazy state.

Those who prepared the message knew about it and gave him a standing ovation.

2) Somehow I forgot about the take-over. You see, it melted away from Friday to Wednesday. The escort licked off.

It is doubtful. But sleep easily. Our clever allies have certainly noticed that our boy can shout “wolves are coming” for any reason.

If only he had enough voice to shout, when the wolves would come.

3) Ze! only boasted of achievements, 90% of which are far-fetched. The song “How amazing to live in a Soviet country” was written in 1937.

And here is something similar. And our president said almost nothing about the strategy: how we will build this paradise, voiced by him. Zelensky thought it would happen somehow.

4) Our president is a narcissist and boaster; he lives in an unreal world and calls us to him. This is the main conclusion of his message.

5) But there was one worrying aspect. Volodymyr Zelensky spoke about electronic voter lists and electronic voting. In any case, if this keeps up, there will be 65 million voters on the lists in the President’s Office.

And no matter how much his competitors scored, Volodymyr will get more.

That’s when it starts.