An Ultimatum for Zelensky

Bobyrenko Viktor

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22 November 2021
An Ultimatum for Zelensky

Yesterday, activists in Kyiv did not just celebrate the Day of Dignity and Freedom. They issued an ultimatum to Zelensky:

- To resign Yermak. As a possible traitor. As a usurper of power, who usurped the Verkhovna Rada and the Cabinet of Ministers.

Who returned to Ukraine the typical Middle Ages with favoritism and nepotism. And here it will be as usual. Volodymyr will now be influenced by the President’s Office: but they are checking you on a dare. Show them what Leros showed you. Yowza, do they have the audacity to demand something from the Greatest? The right of the Commonwealth is only to ask and shout “Encore!” and “Bravo!” but not “Get away!”

And Zelensky will give a bold answer through Arestovych and Ukrzaliznytsia, such as: “Whoever is against Yermak is the hand of Moscow,” and all the ministers and Arakhamiia will confirm it. Well, the official office and SAM will just keep quiet about this ultimatum, as if they had not heard. That is, they will make a mistake of all authoritarian regimes - they will show contempt. Well, if this is not the final nail, then the penultimate one for sure.

Because when they talk about the need for dialogue and despise opponents, they should know: opponents are those who have 2-3 revolutions and war behind them.