According to Arestovych, the Current State Committee on the State of Emergency (GKChP) is the Consensus of Oligarchs against Ukraine

Bobyrenko Viktor

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16 November 2021
According to Arestovych, the Current State Committee on the State of Emergency (GKChP) is the Consensus of Oligarchs against Ukraine

According to Arestovych, there is a kind of modern GKChP, e.g. the consensus of oligarchs against Ukraine. Well, he is half-right. At one time (15-19 years) there was such a consensus and it was directed against Petro Poroshenko. And at the forefront of their attack - Zelensky and Kvartal95.

Therefore, the analogy from Arestovych seems logical.

It’s easy to believe in the conspiracy of the oligarchs, because it has happened more than once. But he goes on saying that COVID19 and the imbalance in the energy market are hitting hard the government.

But!!! This (according to Arestovych) is now in Russia’s interests. Because Russia is a demon (everyone in this place should nod in unison). And all the words about possible shutdowns and other betrayals are almost “coordination of actions with Moscow.” It’s not as if the GKChP members/oligarchs loved Putin very much - no, they just love cash. But at the same time they are simultaneously playing on the side of the Kremlin. And he does not specify which of the oligarchs is now on the side of the Kremlin. Only Akhmetov and Firtash? Or Kolomoisky too? Or Poroshenko?

Stop. And how does ROSHEN affect the country’s energy sector? But in Arestovych’s case it turns out that sweets are also evil. Because there are Priamyi and 5th TV channels.

Well, here’s a direct quote:

- They (GKChP members/oligarchs) are solving their programs in the political struggle and are already beating in Ukraine. They aim for the president, but get to Ukraine and to each of us.

Here. If I criticize Zelensky, I will hit Ukraine. This is not the time to settle political scores. Here we will defeat the enemy (when?) and may do it later. And now it is a synchronization of actions with Moscow. I will remind Arestovych a quote from Herzen:

- Love for the Motherland should not be transferred to its government.

However, Arestovych is an excellent manipulator. My hat off. We just should not buy this manipulation. Although Zelensky is less evil than Putin, he is also evil. And systemic evil. Lies, Betrayal, Clowning. Here are my first associations with the word ‘Zelensky’. Therefore, I reserve the right to fight this evil as best I can.

Glory to Ukraine!