V. Bobyrenko took part as the speaker of the Civil Society Forum

15 June 2020

On June 13, the Civil Society Forum in virtual space took place. V. Bobyrenko took part as the speaker of the panel of the New Age Forum ‘On the Borders’. The forum is organized by the Foundation for Social Innovation ‘From Country to Ukraine’ and the Democratic Governance in Eastern Ukraine. The main theme of the panel is decentralization. V. Krasnoporov, Ya. Bozhko, O. Solontai and V. Bobyrenko took part in the panel.

The topic ‘Community Identity’ is one of the directions of the New Age Forum ‘On the Borders’. V. Bobyrenko spoke about the role of the state in the development of civil society:

  • The state determines for itself how much it needs decentralization. It seems that at this stage it is not ready to determine and establish the rules of the game for self-government. Next step is providing communities with a shared vision, delegation of authority, including financial. Ensuring security is another prerogative of state activity.
  • The state should become the main motivator for supporting communities, through development programs, in particular. And also through exchanges and setting up horizontal links not only for community leaders, but also for local leaders in areas and industries.
  • And here the public should get the first positions to control the actions of the government - we must develop civil society as an ally of the government. Communities themselves must control power movements from below.