A group of experts “Stop stealing” brings to light dishonest officials

Experts of Bureau of policy analysis in Kharkov created their own web-platform to inform public about corruptive machinations of local officials and stealing budget money.

The web-site was created by the initiative group “Stop stealing” that embraces experts of Bureau of policy analysis in Kharkov. After training in the framework of the project “Expert association of the North-Eastern Ukraine against corruption in government purchases” (supported by NED), active public leaders of Kharkov got knowledge and skills for studying government purchases. Kharkov public leaders analyzed few government purchases and revealed machinations of local officials. To inform public directly about the studies, the Kharkov experts decided to create their web-site. Now NGO leaders and journalists can find studies of the initiative group “Stop stealing” here: http://dosytkrasty.jimdo.com/

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