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10 February 2021

Here’s the question.

1) Who has chances to win in the confrontation between Zelensky and Razumkov?

Will Zelensky overcome Razumkov and replace with Stefanchuk?

2) Does Razumkov have presidential ambitions? And will he be able to implement them?

1) Zelensky disliked Razumkov, because he is narcissus spoiled by celebrity position and Kvartal95. There he was listened to, as he was the main star. There he got used to the fact that there are two opinions - his and a wrong one.

And Razumkov began to play his own game, because Zelensky’s ratings are rolling down.

But Razumkov is unlikely to be overthrown.

Because he just built equal relations with all factions and groups.

Because the oligarchs look at him as a new electoral favorite.

But if Razumkov is fired, Zelensky will get the enemy. And two or three dozen deputies focus on Razumkov. Zelensky has 190 votes in the pocket now. 160 remain. These are in fact early parliamentary elections, because the Rada will stand against.

It is unclear why Zelensky needs such disorders. But the dude thinks he’s smart. Yep.

2) Razumkov certainly has presidential ambitions. He acts absolutely in the strategy of Zelensky-candidate. The strategy is simple. Try not to attack electoral groups. Be friendly and “what would you like” for everyone.

NLP has one of the basic paradigms: the most flexible person manages it. The more internal principles you have, the more chances you have of disliking someone. And vice versa.

And Razumkov, as a skilled communicator, can smile at everyone.

And the electorate, which is disappointed in the Messiah Zelensky, is not looking for common sense, but for a new messiah. And Razumkov sells himself.

However, the oligarchs have a casting now. Whom to trick out in the media, if the rating of a little bubbe (Zelensky here) falls below 15%. That is below Poroshenko’s rating.

Hence, we understand that this time a representative from OPZZh Boiko will definitely reach the 2nd round. From the first place. And who will be the second one? That one will become president.

And the thoughts of the oligarchs: If not Zelensky then who?

And here at the casting will be primarily politicians of the second echelon, but those who are without nasty things.

First of all, Razumkov is suitable for the role of an alternative to Boiko.

Vitali Klitschko too.

The choice for the oligarchs is not easy.

But they still have time.

And the Ukrainians? Oh, they will quarrel.

That’s how the Ruin began.