Who will benefit from the sanctions on the channels?

Bobyrenko Viktor

Head of the Expert Group of the Bureau of Policy Analysis. He studied at the National Academy for Public Administration. Master of Public Administration, Political Scientist, Political Technologist. Studies the…


12 February 2021

As the unforgettable Bunsha Ivan Vasyliovych said: “I am tormented by some troubling doubts” (a phrase from the movie).

NABU, SAP, the Office of the Prosecutor General and the Security Service of Ukraine reported the suspicion of an expert due to a forged examination of which part of the oil pipeline was confiscated in Ukraine.

And which is actually under the influence of Medvedchuk.

It confidently reported to the public that the systematic catching up of Medvedchuk, Kozak and their henchmen had begun.

Oh, and why so early?

You would still wait; where to hurry? Ukraine lost the oil pipeline “Samara - Western Direction” in question in 2017. Where the hell were NABU detectives?

Why only now, when Volodymyr Oleksandrovych, under the influence of circumstances (the main one is Joe Biden’s victory), sided with Ukraine in the confrontation with Russia and inflicted military coloration on himself?

No, of course, I am in favor of a Ukrainian court sentencing Medvedchuk and Kozak to imprisonment.

But why now? For Zelensky to be the main beneficiary of Medvedchuk’s imprisonment? Not even imprisonment, but talking about it.

It will be difficult to imprison him in a country where half of the judges serve Portnov instead of Ukraine, although.

So I have an interesting question for the friendly statements of old so-called friends from the Office of the Prosecutor General and NABU: Coincidence? - I don’t think that it is.

Well, you tell me. Who wouldn’t go loose on bosses?

But there are many other beneficiaries in this story.

For example, Kolomoiskyi. He is also in the oil business. When a competitor feels bad, Ihor Valeriiovych won’t cry.

Again, the Russians will take revenge for Medvedchuk. Will spread chaos. This is exactly what he needs in Ukraine.

So didn’t they fit the bearded geezer?

Again, how does this suit Boiko and Lovochkin?

Now Inter’s rating will jump on. All the Putin’s supporters will be transferred to its channel. Again, now only Boiko can, in principle, run for office from OPZZh.

Now only Lovochkin will become Russia’s communication agent and chief resident.

Their competitor was removed amicably.

There is also Pinchuk. He also has channels that will increase the rating.

And here’s another joke. Watch out: Russia has banned the export of railway wheels and other staff supplied there by Pinchuk’s companies. Here you are!

Or maybe it’s an answer to him for shading Putin’s compadre?

I have absolutely no faith in Venediktova’s fighters. I have absolutely no faith in Bakanov’s fighters. I am already losing faith in NABU and SAP.

Precisely because many coincidences take place, as the mouthpiece of Moscow Kiselyov says.

Precisely because in Ukrainian history, all oligarchs have been playing against everyone for a long time.

And all together only against the interests of Ukraine.

And all our law enforcement officers, who shout every day how they fight corruption, are in fact an instrument of struggle between different clans.

And how this plays out?

- Profits of some, ratings of others.

God forbid I’m wrong now. And Medvedchuk will be imprisoned. Or he will at least run away.

And yes, it will not help Zelensky’s rating to jump on.

But it will stop the landing.

Until a new mess