What We See Right Now In Ukraine Is A Special Operation By Moscow (videoblog)

Bobyrenko Viktor

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04 November 2020

The past week was full of political developments.

Well, we'll talk about it, but within the context of the Russian-Ukrainian war and the actions of the 5th column of Kremlin inside Ukraine.

The defeat of the Servant of the People Party in the local elections by mayors and their projects is significant. Local populists everywhere outplayed populists from Kyiv.

For Zelensky, this election became a kind of Stalingrad. The main result of the local elections is the loss of Zelensky’s positions on the ground and Zelensky’s rating in general. We are moving into an era when the main artist of the country will not get enough likes and applause. And he depends on them.

The defeat of the Victory of Palchevskyi Party in the elections in Kyiv was also a pleasant result.

Again, in military terms, it was a reconnaissance by pro-Russian forces of new projects. Just imagine, Palchevskyi was running for mayor in Kyiv, and his boards were all over the country. In the case of passing in Kyiv, Palchevskyi’s project should be promoted throughout Ukraine. But due to Kyiv citizens it didn’t happen.

An interesting fact: in many Kyiv polling stations they tried to rewrite the results in favor of Palchevskyi at the expense of OPZZh, the parent party.

Mom just wanted to feed the daughter with her milk. This proves once again that Russia while seeing the electoral ceiling for the OPZZh tries to impose new projects for those, who are somehow for an independent Ukraine, but against the IMF, Europe, and America. That’s like: guys come here to us.

We will remind that For the Future and Nash Krai played by the same rules. And if we add that the OPZZh has the 1st or 2nd place in all southern and eastern regions, we can understand that we will have to fight for the independence of Ukraine for a long time.

But what most people did not notice in the election.

Sharii’s party did not even run for local council elections in the regions where it was not expected to take place. Conversely, in the east and south, the Sharii’s Party members have confidently taken places and will become a friendly fighting detachment of anti-Ukrainian forces.

Have you noticed the beauty of the game? The Sharii’s Party members are also Ukrainophobes, but without ties and on hype. A sociological poll was carried out, and where Sharii and his party members had 3-4%, they even didn’t take part in order these votes would go to OPZZh. Sharii didn’t take part in the northern and Central Ukraine; he was only in the regions where he could win. And this is an important conclusion after elections: pro-Ukrainian patriotic parties crossed paths of each other, and all the Russia’s representatives voted for their people.

In eastern and southern Ukraine, many mayors also made a play with the vatniki (Russian patriotic) electorate. Thus, the mayor of Odessa Trukhanov played with the unveiling of a monument to Zhukov, colleagues of Kernes in Kharkiv also questioned the consequences of decommunization.

We have seen these days how pro-Russian forces can destabilize the situation in Ukraine.

Back in July, 47 deputies from OPZZh and For the Future filed a petition with the CCU to repeal some provisions of the law on electronic declaration. On October 28, the Constitutional Court passed a resolution and this immediately destabilized the situation in the legal field of Ukraine.

It is symbolic that this was done at the request of the OPZZh after the election so that there would be no electoral losses. By the way, did you notice that tariffs were also raised after the election so Zelensky wouldn’t be worried for his ratings? The methods of Zelensky and Medvedchuk are similar - they just don’t like to tell the truth.

So we have to state: the OPZZh in Kyiv snatched the initiative from the weak hands of President Zelensky and is starting to play its game of rocking the boat in Ukraine. Alliances of pro-Russian forces that have a majority will be formed on the ground, primarily in the regional councils of eastern and southern Ukraine. And they will provoke pro-Ukrainian forces to confrontation too.

First of all, they will try to play on the ideological front: to return or unveil the monuments to Lenin or Stalin, Zhukov. Then they will be opening pro-Russian classes at schools. Then they can rock the language situation.

And finally, regional councils in the south may decide to launch water in the Crimea and thus put Ukraine on the brink of a full-blooded war in the South.

Putin has been waiting for a call again: Putin, come to us. Russia relies on a powerful fifth column in Ukraine. And pro-Russian forces manipulate the fears and mental traumas of Ukrainians.

During the time of Zelensky, there became less Ukrainian in Ukraine. Ukraine’s enemies are playing back the consequences of the Maidan.

Therefore, those who live with Ukraine in their hearts need to unite.

No to capitulation! Glory to Ukraine!