What Needs To Be Done On The Next Maidan (videoblog)

Bobyrenko Viktor

Head of the Expert Group of the Bureau of Policy Analysis. He studied at the National Academy for Public Administration. Master of Public Administration, Political Scientist, Political Technologist. Studies the…


25 November 2020

At the end of November, we always start to remember the latest history and talk about dignity and values.

14 years ago, the Orange Maidan against election fraud took place in Ukraine. Seven years ago, Euromaidan began against the change in the political vector of Yanukovych's clique from Europe to the Customs Union with Russia.

In fact, both Maidans were, firstly, against Russia and attempts to drive us into dependence on the Kremlin, and secondly, we did not allow wiping the floor with our country. We became a nation with three slogans: ‘Ukraine above all!’, ‘There is no price for freedom!’ and ‘Dignity is higher than life!’

It cost us the lives of hundreds of the best people. And then, with the beginning of the Russian invasion, we lost the territory of Crimea and parts of Donbas and lost thousands of lives.

Now many are wondering: Will there be a new Maidan? When is it possible and how will it look like?

Ukrainians are forced to believe that the main challenges for Ukraine are the Kremlin's aggressive policy as an external challenge and corruption as an internal challenge.

Well, that's not quite true. First, corruption must be personified. It includes Kolomoiskyi, Pinchuk, Akhmetov, Medvedchuk. And secondly, how do you like it: we do not have corruption, but we live in the southwestern federal district?

Why do we need order during the occupation? We have already seen both the Soviet and German order. Concentration camps and famine are the same in all authoritarian regimes.

In fact, corruption has become much less since the introduction of the ProZorro System.

Even now, less is stolen on the roads under the President Zelensky than under Yanukovych.

But people are sure more. What is the paradox here? And the fact is that simply there were no mechanisms for investigating corruption under Yanukovych. But the main thing is that all TV channels were silent about it, because the owners of these channels were ones who robbed the country.

It was possible to talk about schemes and methods of corruption only on the Internet, but social networks were low-power 7-10 years ago.

But when Poroshenko brought Kolomoiskyi to the knees, the situation changed.

Poroshenko had only two loyal channels. But  Kvartal 95 on 1+1 Channel and all other TV channels from the pool of oligarchs + pro-Moscow TV channels were throwing mud at Poroshenko and his surroundings, in fact zombifying the people about the real state of affairs with corruption.

14 news TV channels and wherever you switch on, every time you hear about betrayal, the Maldives, Svinarchuk. Moreover, TV channels are sharing it among their audiences, and representatives of the non-governmental sector are spreading betrayal on social networks. We saw a paradox: there became less corruption, and there became more talks about it. That's what the people believed in. And then there's Zelensky with his ‘Think ... about!’

Now Zelensky has a similar situation: some channels are still loyal to him, but some have already been sharing the betrayal, destroying his rating.

I myself like to nightmare the government, I am consistently against corruption, but let's agree and we will not equate corruption and the war for independence.

In our war there is an external and internal enemy and they are all personified, all have surnames.

Especially since the local elections have shown that our people are very tolerant of corruption. In most regional centers, mayors were re-elected under the slogan: ‘Of course he steals, but he gives people a possibility to live.’

So if the people are not ready to fight against corruption, what can be the reason for a new Maidan?

Only two things. The first is the attempt of the Ze! Team to turn towards Moscow, and instead of the elections in Donbas on March 31, they will have the elections of a new president in April.

And the second is a default or a sharp deterioration of the economy through the efforts of the oligarchs and Zelensky's surroundings.

If there is a Maidan, it can only be anti-Kremlin or anti-oligarchic, or both. And it is necessary to prepare for it so that it becomes not just a riot. Therefore, the new revolution must do the following.

The first is to revolutionize the justice system: what cannot be done through politicians can be done through revolution and revolutionary entirety.

I am sure that the judges of the Constitutional Court will be happy to resign if veterans on the Maidan ask them to do so.

The second is to return the information field to the state: to nationalize all oligarchic channels. It is politically impossible to do that. Revolutionarily - yes.

Third, do everything possible to ensure that Kremlin agents of influence, if they flee, can never return to Ukraine.

But we must not allow the populists to reconsider property rights, because the revolution is not a riot of the common people, it is an uprising of the owners. The revolution must mature and many will want it to become bloody. This must be taken into account. Although the current regime will fall at the first crack, because, unlike Belarus, our police are not bound to the authorities by blood. Therefore, everything will happen quickly. Ukraine will win. Proven by previous Maidans.