Ukraine's Western Allies Say That Ukraine’s Main Problem Is Corruption (videoblog)

Bobyrenko Viktor

Head of the Expert Group of the Bureau of Policy Analysis. He studied at the National Academy for Public Administration. Master of Public Administration, Political Scientist, Political Technologist. Studies the…


11 December 2020

… government says the same.

But distrust of anti-corruption bodies is at the level of 70%.

And the fake image of Soros followers and external management is thrown from TV channels.

And what's wrong?

There will be a new administration in Washington soon. The US will review its relations with Ukraine. Our other Western allies will do the same. Let's talk about it.

The ideal for our government in politics with the West: easy and cheap loans and non-interference in domestic politics. Give money and do not ask about where they disappeared. That is why they want to appoint Oksana Markarova to the USA.

It's just that the Ze! Team doesn't understand that an ambassador is not just about money. It would be better to say - we need an ambassador to the International Monetary Fund.

The West pursues a policy: money in exchange for reforms. And here communications are not connected. Our Ze! Team just needs a freebie.

Our government behaves like a teenager who came home at midnight and is asked by his parents: where have you been? And there comes a time when parents do not believe their children, but apologize. The same is with our government. They think: we will be given money and will still be forgiven.

Therefore, the urgent task for our international friends is to bring our government to an adequate condition. The method is simple: money in exchange for the truth and concrete actions, not promises.

And here it is important: inaction is also an action. As it turns out that many cases have been opened against Kolomoiskyi in the United States, and in Ukraine he meets with the Minister of Internal Affairs without handcuffs to drink coffee. Andrii Derkach is a Russian agent for the allies. And in Ukraine he is happy and at large.

Here's a marker to Green Power (Zelensky’s here) from the allies: If you can't catch your enemies, why should we?

We ask the allies: in addition to Derkach and Kolomoiskyi, there are their minions: Kostiantyn Kulyk, Oleksandr Dubinsky, Maksym Buzhansky, who play clearly on the side of the enemy. Catch them. And the allies must reproach us: And you? Do you catch them? What do you say here?! Only one. The Ukrainian people should not be associated with its president and government.

Zelensky wants to impose a song to the West: Cry for him while he's alive, love him as he is (Cry for Him by Chaif).

And we know that Russia through OPZZh, Kolomoiskyi's deputies will lead Servant of the People deputies to parliamentary crisis, re-elections and creation of coalition between Servant of the People Party, OPZZh and For the Future Party in the parliament.

Now this strategy is being worked out in several regions of the East and South of Ukraine.

And this is a prospect at a time when civil society in Ukraine is very weak. The myth of external administration of the country by so-called Soros followers is being downloaded through pro-Russian and oligarchic channels in the country to the people’s brains. I will reveal the secret.

In fact, Medvedchuk's pseudo-public organization, Ukrainian Choice, once gained a grant from the Soros Foundation. Oleksandr Dubinsky, Kolomoiskyi’s servant, once also gained the grants. Former so-called grant-eaters and favorites of embassies have now shifted their ground and serve the current government.

Well, they will reproach me: Viktor, you are also a Soros follower, you get grants. Well, yes and no.

I answer to everyone: I work for offices that get grants. Here I am sitting 8th right in the 15th row.

I will tell as an anecdote, though not an anecdote. Once I come to the territorial community. They wrote some community strategy, and I was involved as an expert-grant eater. A secretary of the united territorial community did not close the door tightly, and I hear her report. And the head is like this: Again this staff one? They'd send better vodka. Like a quote from the movie Hussar Ballad. And the secretary: No-no, this is the one who is not like other grant eaters; he is good, as you said.

The truth is that 15-20 Kyiv organizations received grants and just built their network in the areas at best. Or they conduct research online. And then there is research for the sake of research.

It’s like Podervianskyi wrote: a fecal researcher. Because when the transparency of expenditures on the water supply system in Lutsk, Dnipro or Berdychiv is carried out by a Kyiv expert, there will be little sense. Just because working off money is one thing, and making changes in the city here and now is another.

We have a kind of club of organizations that have already become part of politics. And anti-corruption organizations beat some oligarchs and keep quiet about others.

I am strongly in favor of giving grants to public organizations, but not only in Kyiv.

Civil society that oligarchic and pro-Russian channels want to trash needs to be and must be supported, but somewhere in Kherson or Cherkasy, Konotop or Izmail.

And then Ukraine will be different. Glory Ukraine!