The Myth Of External Governance (videoblog)

Bobyrenko Viktor

Head of the Expert Group of the Bureau of Policy Analysis. He studied at the National Academy for Public Administration. Master of Public Administration, Political Scientist, Political Technologist. Studies the…


03 December 2020

A myth about the external governance of the country has been forming before our eyes.

The Kremlin's theme is to shout at sight of danger: Hold the thief.

It is now clear to all our Western allies that Ukraine has lost the way. Moreover, people talk about a systemic incompetence of Zelensky’s team. And someone already talks about team corruption. Ukraine has been rapidly rolling back to the level of 2013.In January, the US administration will change. US foreign policy will change too, including in relation to Russia. Hence, in relation to us.

Especially considering that Andrii Derkach and Co. tried to play up to Trump on Russia's orders. There are institutions in the United States, but no one has abolished the personal in this world. It means everyone will be trying to chase Derkach.

The West will certainly continue to support Ukraine as part of Europe, because without Ukraine Russia will always be an incomplete empire. It means less of a threat to the world. However, methods and approaches in this support can be changed.

In Zelensky's entourage, one part of the team naively thinks that the constant non-fulfillment of agreements does not affect the reputation in any way. Therefore, it is possible to change the ambassador to the United States and the tranche from the IMF will come by itself. Others are convinced that the West will not hand us over to Russia under any circumstances. They suppose that people in the West think about us, like what Franklin Roosevelt said about the Nicaraguan dictator Somos: He is, of course, a son of a bitch, but he is our son of a bitch.

I am sure that the allies know about the main flaw of the Ze! Team. This is insincerity to the point of distortion. Attempts to manipulate even where it is inappropriate and very noticeable. Opposite messages for internal and external use are the set used by the current government team.

But I definitely think it is a mistake to overestimate our anti-corruption institutions. It’s as in that anecdote: it does not matter what car we make - Ford or Mercedes, it turns out to be Zaporozhets. Anti-corruption institutions are perhaps the largest in the world. And their effectiveness is surprisingly low.

That is why we do not seem to mind Sytnyk and NABU refraining. But the summer detention by NABU detectives in the Burisma case looks like a provocation. And not in favor of Ukraine at all.

And quite often it seems that sometimes institutions play for Ukraine, and sometimes the employees of these institutions pass in the wrong direction.

And it often happens that under the guise of anti-corruption measures we have cases of political murder. Sometimes you follow a journalistic investigation and think: is it really so, or is it an order?

I don't see our authorities investigating why the state-owned NAFTOGAS of Ukraine gave more than 30 billion hryvnias to companies connected with Kolomoiskyi. Why did the state-owned CENTRENERGO with Kolomoiskyi's management from a profitable company become unprofitable under Zelensky in a year? And where are any investigations into Velyke Budivnytstvo Project (big construction)?

Right now, oligarchic TV channels together with the pro-Moscow pool are forming a myth about the country's external governance. Moreover, about the governance of the West. The old rule of Moscow thieves: Shout at sight of danger: Hold the thief.

And we see the apologists for this myth-making cheerful and self-confident: Andrii Derkach, who is suspected in the United States of being a Russian agent, or Kostiantyn Kulyk and Oleksandr Dubinsky, who are people of Ihor Kolomoiskyi.

That is: the Kremlin's Stirlitz-Derkach walks around government offices and Antonenko-Rifmaster has been in prison for a year. Does anyone doubt that Kolomoiskyi will be imprisoned in the United States sooner than in our country? It was cool only in the videos: we will imprison in the spring. And was someone imprisoned?

It is important to know that corruption in Ukraine is very personal. It has specific surnames. We hear about them every day. Ministers and deputies work on them. And even one president is very close to one oligarch.

Reputation is not an important resource in Ukraine. The reputation of high-level politicians has been destroyed. And if everyone has no reputation, then we just apologize to the politician we like better. And we vote for him.

Therefore, despite the myths that are formed on oligarchic channels, we need the help of the West. We need to put pressure on the Ukrainian authorities to change anti-corruption institutions and change the entire justice system.

We need pressure on the authorities regarding public dialogue, as a way of Zelensky to begin communicating with the expert community.

And most of all, we need a public dialogue to change the Constitution, especially in term of the change of government system, with the possible transition to a parliamentary model of government.

Although, given the current situation in Ukraine, there are more people who want the civilian rule (junta).