Sometimes there are no names left from the heroes of the past

Bobyrenko Viktor

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05 February 2021

Here, after singing praises to Zelensky (who finally did something worthy of attention and applause for the first time) and throwing rotten tomatoes at Dubinsky, most people forgot about the other participants in the scandal with Derkach’s records.

We forgot about the magnetic guy Kostiantyn Kulyk.

Well, the release of the US Treasury Department states that Kulyk is a part of a Russian-linked network of foreign influence related to Andrii Derkach.

But that’s it. But few people know that Kostiantyn Kulyk was fired from the Prosecutor’s Office at the end of 2019 because he plainly blew off certification. He was fired as a student who did not appear for the exam.

They wanted to put Kulyk as deputy of Iryna Venediktova through Portnov. But something did not work out.

Or a guardian angel whispered Zelensky that such an appointment would have to be spit out later.

Yes, seems fine.

Kostia was not born yesterday.

He filed a lawsuit with the Kyiv District Administrative Court well-known for its justice, demanding payment of financial assistance, bonuses, compensation for dismissal and unused vacation days.

And the Kyiv District Administrative Court bravely satisfied the lawsuit and ordered the Prosecutor General’s Office to pay him more than UAH 1.5 million.

The Prosecutor General’s Office paid him due and is suing Kulyk. But in the mode: am I not running fast?

Rejoice for Kostiantyn and his ability to wheedle cash out of taxpayer suckers.

He will go through hard times with this cash. And then such a guy will be picked up somewhere. The Russian residency and its boss Ihor Kolomoiskyi will try hard.

And, by the way. In 2020, compensation was paid to 46 ex-prosecutors. And almost all of them are either previously lustrated prosecutors or those who failed the certifications.

This is how I present the topic to Volodymyr Oleksandrovych and Ivan Bakanov:

Somewhere in the Prosecutor’s Office there is a hut of fat rats from Russia.

I think of Venediktova herself.

Because a mother will not take rap of her son as she takes rap of Tatarov now.