Russia Will Take Several Regional Councils In Local Elections. And It Can Be Hot (videoblog)

Bobyrenko Viktor

Head of the Expert Group of the Bureau of Policy Analysis. He studied at the National Academy for Public Administration. Master of Public Administration, Political Scientist, Political Technologist. Studies the…


01 October 2020

Today we will talk about Russia's ability to influence the election situation in Ukraine, especially in eastern Ukraine, especially at the very border. And I assure you, there are many people ready to meet the invaders with bread and salt. Although it all started with an innocent moment to decentralize Ukraine

Decentralization in the financial part has allowed cities and newly united territorial communities to receive unprecedented resources in the form of grants and subventions. And the mayors of the cities over the years have created a myth about themselves as strong managers.

It should be noted that decentralization was one of the most successful reforms that took place in Ukraine. And it was fully funded by the Western Allies. Hundreds of millions of dollars were spent for the U-LEAD and DOBRE programs. At the same time, large oligarchic groups and local party bosses and pseudo-elites put up significant resistance to the reform, defending their small kingdoms. Even more ridiculous now is the attempt of Ihor Palytsia and Andrii Derkach to attribute the merits of decentralization to themselves.

Classics of the genre: the further from the front - the more medalists. So it was before, and the same is now. The Reform was created by thousands of people, and those who snoop around the TV channels attribute these achievements to themselves. And most importantly, these people implement anti-Western slogans and promote pro-European ideas

Feeling anti-Putin mood in Ukraine, oligarchic and pro-Russian projects have changed their tactics. They shout: we are against both the Russian scenario and against the European one - we will go our own way. And so far we are being shown the beginning of this path - choose us, strong owners. However, they’re strong only in stealing and selling Ukraine

But according to the plan of the reformers, the decentralization reform had to end the following way.

Instead of enlarged districts and district administrations, something like prefectures had to be created. And the communities had to have resources, and the prefect had to have only control over the observance of the legislation of Ukraine with the right to veto decisions in the communities with a simultaneous appeal to the courts.

That is the communities have money, the prefects have a stick. And if some community adopts a budget with a surplus, or, God forbid, some second regional language, the prefect will stop such a decision. That is why he must be appointed by the president.

But Zelensky now clearly lacks the votes for such changes to the Constitution to put an end to decentralization reform.

Instead, the oligarchic project For the Future by Kolomoyskyi-Palytsia promises to complete the decentralization project from all TV channels. It looks very strange: if some far-away united territorial community has the power to change the Constitution.

Instead, the pro-Russian Nash Krai in different regions is singing Zelensky's old song to lower tariffs. And both political projects suggest a new myth about their own, special way.

And here we clearly see how the lines are drawn with oligarchic and pro-Putin parties, in order to take revenge in the regions of the North-East and South of Ukraine

In the Sumy Region, in addition to the OPZZh under the leadership of Yurii Chmyr, For the Future (За майбутнє) of Ihor Molotko and Our Land (Наш край) of Andrii Derkach are expected to join the council. All these guys are former members of the Party of Regions. In addition, a faction of the Batkivshchyna party, which was bought out by the same Molotok and is headed by Vadym Lys, Chmyr’s friend, will be waiting for them in the regional council.

And in support of them there will be a part of the Servant of the People Party, among which Serhii Kyrychok who is known for beating activists back in 2004. And he is also a former member of the Party of Regions. It will be like in the film The Golden Calf: Vasya, do you recognize your brother Kolya?

A similar unification is also possible in Kharkiv, where Nash Krai will be represented by Derkach’s ally in the tape scandal, Kostiantyn Kulyk. And he will strengthen the favorites in the Kharkiv Region: Successful Kharkiv Block of Kernes and OPZZh. And another pro-Russian council to the list.

In the south of Ukraine, regional revenge is not for granted yet. Yes, OPZZh will gain a lot in regional councils. But there’re still strong positions of Servants of the People. And furthermore, there’re strong positions of local mayor's projects.

The Unity (Єдність) Block of Buriak in Zaporizhzhia and Trust the Deeds (Довіряй ділам) of Trukhanov in Odessa will undoubtedly take the majority to the city councils and the relative majority to the regional councils. Therefore it is important with whom Servants of the People Party will make blocks in these regional councils.

And if the Servant of the People Party makes a block not with the mayoral parties, but with the OPZZh, we will have a new line of conflict. And the key regions for Russians in this case are Zaporizhzhia and Kherson. After all, this is the way to the Dnieper dams and the launch of water in the Crimea. Even if Zelensky calms down after the election and wants to calmly serve his term at the last percent of the rating, pro-Russian forces will not allow him to do so in these regions.

One can vote in unison for regional languages, or by decision of the regional council for the launch of water in the Crimea, and conflict is inevitable.

Well, Putin has many Russian partisan detachments in Ukraine now. So far, they stick leaflets in towns and villages. But they are ready for more radical action.

The only thing that will help us is that even in the partisan detachment with partisans, there will be partisans ready to follow other political projects. In addition to a few ideological fighters, most of these partisans are either adapters, or just go to rob Ukrainians. And they do not care under what flags.

Do not allow these thieves to come to power. Don’t be fooled!!!