Our Election Is Related To The US Election (videoblog)

Bobyrenko Viktor

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27 October 2020

The persons involved are the same.

The technologies are similar.

Elections took place. And while the votes are being counted, someone is already starting to negotiate with someone. And in some cities they are preparing for the second round. Meanwhile, we must not forget that another election is no less important and interesting for Ukrainians and Ukraine.

This is an election in the United States. In addition to the president, a third of senators and lawmakers will be elected to the House of Representatives next Tuesday. These elections are important for Ukraine.

Moreover, Ukraine has become a kind of key for the United States. And the participants in the Ukrainian elections are also involved in the American elections.

In many regions, For the Future and Nash Krai Parties became the winners of the elections.

Valerii Kolomoiskyi and Ihor Palytsia are behind the For the Future Party. The frontman of Nash Krai is Andrii Derkach. And the leader of Nash Krai in the Kharkiv Region is a certain Kostiantyn Kulyk.

And all of these people are very connected to each other and to the US election. And the closer the election in the United States, the faster things develop.

Back in December last year, President Trump’s personal lawyer Rudy Giuliani arrived in Ukraine. He met with pro-Russian deputy of Verkhovna Rada Andrii Derkach and Kolomoiskyi’s leader in the Servant of the People Party Oleksandr Dubinsky.

That's how the scandal begins. I, like many other experts, immediately announced the emergence of an interesting tandem - pro-Russian agents of influence and representatives of the oligarchy.

In the spring of this year, Andrii Derkach and one of Kolomoiskyi’s men Kostiantyn Kulyk showed tapes of 2015-2016 allegedly given to them by investigative journalists, where the voices of the Ukrainian President Poroshenko and then Vice President Biden discuss some annoying situations.

Kulyk is here for a reason. Namely, because his assets in the West have been arrested. This is or money laundered from PrivatBank. In fact, the money was stolen from us. Only for some reason it is not our president who is worried about our stolen money, but allies from the West.

And it turns out that Kolomoiskyi’s offices are under search abroad, and there’re new portions of compromising materials from Kulyk and Derkach in Ukraine.

But the saddest thing is that President Zelensky while talking to journalists as if hints that he is familiar with the tapes and happily reports: to be continued. And thus, he actually shows on whose side he is.

Instead, there are statements in the United States that this is an attempt to interfere in the elections in the United States. And they are made by very serious experts.

In September, official bodies, such as the Foreign Intelligence Service, claim that Andrii Derkach is an agent of the Kremlin’s influence.

And the IMF continues to warn Ukraine about Kolomoiskyi’s influence on Ukraine’s economy. But Volodymyr Oleksandrovych is ready to persecute anyone except his teacher and colleague.

And so the New York Post publishes materials that were given to journalists by Rudy Giuliani, and to him, in turn, by Kulyk and Derkach.

The materials allegedly say that candidate Biden somehow helped his son get rich in Ukraine.

Dozens of former intelligence chiefs, both Republicans and Democrats, made a joint statement that this was an unprecedented pressure on the US election.

And Russia is clearly behind Derkach. Finally, Facebook closed Derkach’s account. And the New York Post journalists refused the authorship of the article.

American experts scornfully talk about the methods of Russia and its tools: Derkach with Kulyk.

And as about us, we must once again clearly understand:

In Ukraine, there is a clear conspiracy between the oligarchs and pro-Russian forces for the connivance of clowning. Now they are uniting against Ukraine in councils and provocations against our allies. Derkach has already been placed on the US sanctions list, and Dubinsky is next in line, as the Anti-Corruption Center has sent a package of documents to the United States. Kulyk, who works for Kolomoiskyi and came to power in the Derkach party in the border region, will be the next.

Ukraine has never been in such a situation in 30 years. Firstly, we chose a mistake as the president, who allows Ukraine’s enemies to put pressure on allies.

Now Derkach and Kolomoiskyi and their party members are overthrowing Ukraine from the inside, Putin - from the outside. And Zelensky does not see Kremlin agents next to him.

Ukraine is in for a tough time. And that's why we need to unite in order not to allow the government to capitulate.

No capitulation!

Glory to Ukraine!