Here are two pieces of comparable news

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13 February 2021

The IMF mission completed its work in Ukraine on 12 February. Zelensky’s government has not agreed on a new tranche, which in 2021 was expected to amount to $ 2.2 billion.

The IMF Resident Representative in Ukraine Gosta Ljungman said diplomatically:

- The discussion was productive, but more progress is needed to complete the first review of the program. Discussions will continue.

It sounds like this in non-diplomatic language:

- Dudes, I give you an “F”. You’ll have to retest next semester.

So the tranche is at best for the fall.

And there will be the peak of debt payments in September.

All the problems with Ukraine are due to the National Bank, in the affairs of which the President’s Office is interfering after Smolii’s resignation.

Blocking the work of anti-corruption institutions.

Utterly worthless judicial system.

And another news:

The President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky is initiating bills to solve problems in the judicial system. If these laws are passed by the Verkhovna Rada, the powers of the Kyiv District Administrative Court will be reduced.

Shit. It’s like with a student. The night was not enough.

He came to the exam. He failed because he didn’t finish learning. The teacher says: “That’s it, a retest.” And the student: “No, ask me something else, I’ll tell.”

But it did not work.

However, the trend is good. Ze! students promise to study well.

And it’s really that way; it’s time to do something with these courts.