Forecast for 2021 (videoblog)

Bobyrenko Viktor

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31 December 2020

On New Year’s Eve it is customary to make top lists of some actions or events. Achievements or fails of government, for example. Well, and make predictions for next year. However, I suggest beginning not with fails of the authorities, but with our, the Ukrainian people’s fails. Here are the following top three fails:

Third place goes to a mess in the social networks on how to conduct quarantine by the authorities and methods to avoid it. The community was immediately divided into those who consider COVID19 a catastrophe for humanity and those who believe that the virus was invented by Bill Gates and George Soros to mess with people’s heads.

Ukrainians are always sincere in their hatred for each other. This is our mental side. Dispute of the year - what is COVID? - A disease or a conspiracy of the world government. Second place goes to the events are also related to COVID.

These are the events that took place in Novi Sanzhary. Ukrainians showed their moral qualities during the panic. And let’s say I don’t really want to be proud of that. Especially since what happened in Novi Sanzhary could happen in any corner of Ukraine.

Although this panic is an outright failure of the authorities. But we also need to learn a lesson. Well, and first place of the Ukrainians’ fails of course go to local elections.

The record low turnout allowed the active, but not wise part of the citizens to choose those they liked. And against the background of falling ratings of Zelensky and the Servant of the People Party, the people unanimously elected local princes, giving them carte blanche for the possibility of further looting of compatriots.

The principle - he steals himself, but also gives life to others - is the mental formula of our grandmothers, by which they take the future from their grandchildren. But still it is necessary to remember Ukrainian soldiers and Ukrainian medics. It was they who saved the honor of the nation with their sacrifice. At the risk of their lives, they saved us, not always worthy of it.

If we talk about the achievement of government, then there’s only one thing: Zelensky clearly managed only to desecrate power per se. Now no one is afraid of government and everyone is just skidding round and laughing after the words: “the President said or the Minister said”.

Third place of the fails of government will go to the replacement of the government. Honcharuk’s weak but liberal government was replaced by the openly pro-oligarchic government of Shmyhal. This government completely failed quarantine measures and received an economic downturn.

Second place goes to big construction.

120 billion hryvnias, most of which was spent on roads. Money for Zelensky’s projects was partially withdrawn from the COVID Fund.

Instead of buying artificial ventilation devices, the authorities built roads. A dozen companies that won all tenders bought consumables at inflated prices. That’s why they talk about a system of kickbacks of 30-40% of each order. In fact, corruption has returned to the level of the Yanukovych era. But in the first place in the top of fails there is definitely the justice system.

The Pecherskyi Court and the Kyiv District Administrative Court have made this year a year of judicial lawlessness and nonsense.

The judges did not play for the state of Ukraine, but for the oligarchs, making their business comfortable. And the decision of the Constitutional Court shocked conscious people not only in Ukraine, but also abroad.

The Prosecutor General’s Office played along with the oligarchs. And the President's Office got into scandals with the records of Yermak’s brother, then with the odious Tatarov. Well, let’s remember the treason with the leak of information about the Wagnerians.

And what will happen next year? - Definitely one. After the epidemic, the world will quickly emerge from the economic crisis.

There is already so much free capital in the world that banks in the West pay zero for deposits. The rise of the world economy will certainly lead to growth in Ukraine as well.

Unemployment will fall and wages will rise. But economic growth in Ukraine will happen not through government action but against it. No matter how hard the Ze!Team tries and acts all nuts, Ukraine’s economy will grow.

The inevitable change of Shmyhal’s government, on which Zelensky will put his failures, will be a shock for Ukraine.

Many also predict early parliamentary elections. Although neither Zelensky himself, nor other parties need it.

Except for one - OPZZh. For them, this is an opportunity in the future parliament to form a coalition with the Servant of the People Party and take the humanitarian ministries of Culture and Education in order to continue to rock the boat.

This scenario is possible. Although for Zelensky personally it will be a catastrophe. The best option for him is to do nothing at all.

And it is important for us to constantly held informational gunpoint by the government. And constantly protect people from their manipulations and brainwashing.

And then 2021 will be more or less calm and predictable.

Happy new year to all of us