Elections Are Coming Soon. Collaborators Becomes Active (videoblog)

Bobyrenko Viktor

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22 October 2020

There are whole categories of voters who scare us, because they don't understand cause and effect.

I once read the memoirs of a German actress. A 15-year-old daughter and a mother were raped by the Red Army in Berlin in May 1945. And she cried: Mom, mom, what’s this for? Mom answered: you are not guilty of anything, daughter. It's my fault. I voted for Hitler in 1932. So we received the result. The Germans had to go through a catastrophe to understand the full value of logical thinking.

In 1975, agreements on the inviolability of post-war borders were signed in Helsinki. Therefore, no one has the right to separate any territory from Ukraine.

However, no one explained to some uneducated residents of Donbas that just saying ‘Putin, come to us’ and it’s already Russia on this territory will not work. Even if all local mass media nurtured the Russian language and raised local separatism: 1st - Donbas feeds all Ukraine. 2nd - someone is pressuring the rights of Donetsk residents. Look at the sequence:

People did not know about the Helsinki Accords - people were told about their peculiarity - this region has been russified for 70 years - they were pressured to drinking - they were taught that the baron decided everything - that you should vote only for your natives - and then were suggested that you should go to a referendum and everything would be fine. And then a war began.

But propaganda works. And many in the occupied part of Donbas think that the Bloody Pastor is to blame for everything, not themselves. And their children receive diplomas that no one recognizes. And they can speak to their children only on Skype.

It's just that everyone gets a result for his or her voting - both those who voted and those who were still young at the time. And some grandmothers steal happiness from their grandchildren in every election.

But this octopus also works in the controlled part of Ukraine. It is the daughter of the Party of Regions - OPZZh. They manipulate people's hopes that only they can restore peace. Although it is already clear that peace in Donbas depends only on Putin. And he wants more for peace.

However, OPZZH is a clear enemy. Just the sequence is clear. You vote for Medvedchuk's party, so you vote for Putin. However, I will say more. By voting for OPZZh, you are voting for the possible spread of war specifically to you, specifically to your city.

Where the OPZZH does not have even a small positive perception, its adherents imitate themselves to be businessmen, professionals and truth-tellers who claim that they are patriots and have nothing to do with Medvedchuk.

Aha. I'm like a director of ZhEK, I came to help you. Well, how to help: for 20-30% kickback. Then you’ll vote for me. And later his friends will ask this guy to vote for some law. And then he will simply vote for the restoration of the squares of Lenin, Stalin, Zhukov, etc. and provoke confrontation in your city. It is necessary to speak to people and insist: if you vote for OPZZh, you vote for war.

But there are many other pro-Russian projects: Sharii’s Party and Palchevskyi’s Victory, which seem to tell you that Crimea is Ukraine, but in fact insult everything Ukrainian and lie about pro-Ukrainian politicians.

It's simple: they are counting on those who seem to be for Ukraine as well, but say: we will follow the other way. We somehow do not need an alliance with Russia or NATO. And here the key word is with NATO. Elementary technology: make those who are not for you to be at least not for opponents. And somewhere in the south of Ukraine such Sharii’s cover will form auxiliary detachments for OPZZh in the regional and municipal councils.

Well, and two fraternal parties Our Land and For the Future. The secret to their success is simple: they work like a network. They give resources for elections to successful OTH heads or mayors, sports or cultural figures. And they work like a pyramid. But in reality, Kolomoiskyi is behind Ihor Palytsia with 1+1 Channel. And for Andrii Derkach - the entire Kremlin army and the FSB.

I will add that in some regions the Batkivshchyna Party also fell, the one which stood on the Maidan.

Yuliia Volodymyrivna simply sold franchises of some regional organizations to former regionals. And now pro-Russian forces and just crooks can enter regional councils under this cover.

And of course, we must not forget that many so-called mayoral parties go to the polls. The whole of Ukraine is covered with mayoral projects. However, I’d recognize 4 categories of mayors:

Those who are patriots of the city and Ukraine and are under the control of people and their own conscience. There are mayors who verbally love Ukraine and the city, but are full with scandals and corruption. There are those who don’t care about anything, except their own pockets. And finally, those who are already known for their attacks against Ukraine.

We have to choose, but I urge you to look at the local elections under the prism of the Ukrainian-Russian war. Hence, every council, especially in the East and South of Ukraine, can become a place of provocation.

Putin is a master of provocations and has already proved it.

Be careful. Kick young people from Instagram out and force them to vote. Let them choose Ukraine for themselves where they’d like to live. But choose after thinking. Don’t be fooled!