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16 February 2021

- Madam, have you tried the Chateau de Vignon of 1975?

- Yes… once… we drank alcohol with it.

This anecdote very clearly shows the full efficiency of the use of power by the Ze! Team.

The Cabinet of Ministers submitted to the Rada a bill that could remove NABU Director Sytnyk.

Not that I thought Sytnyk was effective.

There are just a lot of questions there.

But to remove Sytnyk because of mess means to strike at the institution itself, not at the director.

And there (in this version of the law) it is still ridiculous how a new director is chosen. Three votes from international experts (well, we understand that unbiased people are needed), three are added by the National Security and Defense Council (read - who will be imposed to Zelensky, so to speak an already chosen) and three voters are appointed by the Cabinet of Ministers (also shown to Zelensky in the list) after approval of this list by Mr. Akhmetov and Mr. Kolomoiskyi.

So to say there’re naive people in the country who think that six votes from the oligarchs is less than three from international experts?

And international experts are here to sanctify the choice of the oligarchs?

Do they need it?

After this question:

- Biden, why aren’t we in NATO yet?

We can only get one answer:

- Just because.

If you stupid don’t understand that saying one thing and doing another is the first grade, the third quarter.

Well, first-graders don’t spill out so stupidly anymore.

And here Vitalii Shabunin directly says that removing Sytnyk is a direct whim of Zelensky.

In a country such as ours, this kind of information spreads easily.

And tomorrow all embassies will know: the child (Zelensky) has been sitting and pouting again.

Don’t cry, little bubbe, Sytnyk is a nasty man; uncle Akhmetov and a bearded geezer Kolomoiskyi will buy you a new director.