And again: A kind of streak of luck began for Ukraine when Biden came to power

Bobyrenko Viktor

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10 February 2021

Here again.

Ukraine won a $ 6 billion lawsuit against Kolomoiskyi.

On Friday, the Stockholm Investment Arbitration Court acknowledged its lack of jurisdiction to consider the claims of three Cypriot companies of the Privat group (Littop Enterprises, Bridgemont Ventures and Bordeaux Management) to recover $ 6 billion from the state of Ukraine and accordingly rejected the claims.

In short.

Ukraine signed the Energy Charter in the 1990s. According to it, Ukraine undertook to assume a lot of obligations to investors in the industry.

Here an investor Ihor Kolomoiskyi and his partner Hennadii Boholiubov showed up.

And of course, he began to do nerdy things. However.

The essence of the lawsuit is that in 2015 Ukraine and Naftogaz, as the majority shareholder of Ukrnafta, reduced the price of natural gas that NJSC purchased from Ukrnafta.

By the way, this is for those living under a rock and thinking that the huckster government stupidly robbed the people, and the good uncle Benia (Kolomoiskyi here) with 1 + 1 Channel and Kvartal95 stood up for the interests of ordinary Ukrainians.

Uncle Benia (Kolomoiskyi here) started a lawsuit and says that he did not make a profit and did not get back, poor fellow, his hard-earned money invested as an investment.

And here he lost.

By the way, there was an incident. Three arbitrators of the tribunal are appointed as follows: one by the court, one by the applicant (Kolomoiskyi), one by the defendant (Ukraine). Hence, all three voted synchronously, even the one from Kolomoiskyi. Against Kolomoiskyi.

Now Ihor Valeriiovych may, of course, appeal this decision in the Stockholm appeal. But there he is unlikely to win.

Well, because the Stockholm appeal is not the District Administrative Court of Kyiv named after Vovk. There are people with a reputation, not just for cash.

And he may go to the European Court of Human Rights. And there was a similar precedent. Khodorkovsky there sued Russia and Putin for about two billion bucks.

But here I propose to look at the problem more broadly.

This is not just about the unreasonableness of Kolomoiskyi’s demands. It’s about the person. People all over the world already know Ihor Valeriiovych as a cheater.

He is being seriously pursued in the United States. They are about to catch up in Britain.

Volodymyr will soon get his lumps and may be won’t receive any help in Ukraine (this is not true).

As in that children’s poem: firefighters are looking for him, police is looking for him.

Therefore, in any court of the world, a judge at the subconscious level is afraid of positive decisions on Kolomoiskyi, because it is bad for reputation.

People would say that he covered up a cheater.

And he treats him like a cheater at all things being equal. And he takes the side of those with whom he is suing.

This is a psychological break. People are already WAITING that this dude should be convicted.

And he will be imprisoned soon. I have a feeling.