About us

Sumy Oblast NGO Office of Policy Analysis - Non-profit organization that brings together experts, marketers, political scientists.

The purpose of the Office of Policy Analysis - Implementation of activities aimed at raising political party culture, community and trade unions.

The main tasks of the Bureau of Policy Analysis:

  •     formulation and implementation of public policy;
  •     bahatospektorne research and analysis of public policy at all levels in the economic, legal, social, humanitarian, cultural, educational, scientific and other fields;
  •     development of international cooperation, exchange of experiences and best practices in the electoral law, protection of civil, political and social rights;
  •     protection of the legitimate interests of its members, promoting their social and professional development;
  •     search for innovative solutions to community problems and alternative approaches to political, particularly electoral processes;
  •     creating a culture of mutual relations between the subjects of the electoral process.

To achieve its goals and objectives of the Bureau of Policy Analysis performs the following activities:

  •     disseminates information and promotes their ideas and goals;
  •     contributes to the formation and implementation of international and Ukrainian socio-economic development;
  •     maintains ties enter into international public (governmental) organizations;
  •     organizes and conducts theoretical and scientific conferences, debates, workshops, seminars, courses, debates, competitions, conferences, meetings, etc.;
  •     organizes and conducts meetings with political figures, academics, government representatives;
  •     organizes and carries out social and sociological surveys and research with meaningful for the community and for specific target groups;
  •     monitors the electoral process and monitoring of election campaigns;
  •     promotes cohesion broad public circles in order to implement the constitutional rights and freedoms;
  •     promotes compliance in Ukraine International Human Rights Standards and the citizen, the provisions of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the Final Act of the Helsinki Conference on Security and Cooperation in Europe and other international agreements on the protection of human rights;
  •     engages citizens to participate actively in the political life of the city of Sumy region, promoting their social activity;
  •     promotes cultural revival of the Ukrainian people and the spiritual enrichment of personality, full of culture, traditions and customs, the recovery of historical memory and national identity;
  •     helps members of the organization in carrying out research and educational activities, public legal education;
  •     helps members of the organization to clarify internal and foreign policy of the Ukrainian state, the ways and the prospects for political, economic and social reforms.

Management Office of Policy Analysis:
Head - Oleg Medunytsia,
Executive Director - Oleg Ochkalov,
Head of Expert Group - Victor Bobyrenko

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